No Report Report

Date:September 22, 1988

[date and first line of routing are illegible]

Those Listed



No Report Report

The following people did not report to study for W/E 22 Sept. 88.

Shirley Burris

Stuart Cameron

Ed Donahue

Cathie Hebert<

Ann Laws

Hasan Luszcz (5)

Danny Ramsey

Larry Shelton<

Carl Rice (5)

Charles Torrance (5)

Billy Eacret

Samantha Paullin

Lisa Cameron

Force Chamberlain<

Charles Garcia

Hildegard Jessup<

Mike Laws

Kay Proctor

Gary Richie<

Lisa Skonetski (5) <--

Pat Taylor (5)

Carol South<

Randell Whaley

Billy Hathaway<


FSO 01665