Witness statement by Officer Stonelake about 11/18/95 accident.

Date:November 18, 1995


Agency ORI Number FLO 520300
Agency Report Number 95-29158
Offense Description AOA/Death Investigation
Location 644 Pierce St. Clwr
Victim Name Lisa McPherson
xxxxx xxxxx
Source of Activity/Background:

I investigated a traffic accident the victim was involved in.


At the time of the accident investigation the victim walked away from the scene of the accident while removing all her clothing. Paramedic, from Sunstar, stopped her after she removed all her clothing. They brought her to their ambulance and provided her with a blanket. I spoke with the victim about her behavior. She indicated that she was having a hard time at the church (Church of Scientology) because she was not concentrating. She would not go into any further detail about that.
I also noticed that as I spoke with her she appeared to be in a daze. I had to ask her the same questions several times to get a response. The victim contributed the accident to her having a lot on her mind. The victim agreed to go with Sunstar to Morton Plant Hospital to speak with a counselor. I had no further contact with the victim. NTAT.
Scene Proc? N
Photos Y-N N
Latent Proc? N
Officer(s) Reporting M. Stonelake
Unit 109
Date 120495