FDLE summary, interview of Barbara Schmid, 2/14/97

Date:February 14, 1997


This investigative report is regar ding investigative
assistance provided by the Florida Department
of Law Eriforcement (FDLE) to the Clearwater Police
Department (CPD) who are investigating the
suspicious death of LISA McPHERSON W/F 02/10/1959.

On Friday 14 February 1997 at approximately 1130 hours
Detective (Det.) Jorge Carrasquillo and Special Agent (SA)
Sharon L. Feola responded to 8110 Tarsiers Avenue, New Port
Richey, Florida to conduct an interview with Ms. BARBARA
SCHMID. Ms. SCHMID is a registered nurse employed by the
Columbia New Port Richey Hospital. Ms. SCHMID was on duty the
evening of 5 December 1995 when LISA McPHERSON was brought to
the Columbia Hospital Emergency Department for treatment. The
interview was audio taped.

In substance, Ms. SCHMID made the following statement:

MS. SCHMID stated she has been a Registered Nurse (RN) for
the past thirty years and has worked in the emergency room at
Columbia Hospital -since the mid nineteen eighty's. On the
evening of 5 December 1695 RN SCHMID stated SCHMID was told
by Dr. Minkoff he received a telephone call and a patient
would be coming into the emergency room seeking treatment.
SCHMID recalled Minkoff told her (Schmid) the patient was
possibly afflicted with meningitis. 'SCHMID stated
approximately forty-five minutes later SCHMID got a call that
a wheelchair was needed outside at the emergency room
entrance. RN Rick Pemberton responded to the Emergency Room
doors with a wheelchair and transported McPHERSON to the
trauma room. SCHMID stated she did not see McPHERSON until
she was inside the hospital hallway being wheeled inside "the
code room." It was obvious to SCHMID from some distance that
McPHERSON was dead. SCHMID stated, "She was dead when they
brought her in." McPHERSON was placed on a treatment table
and SCHMID stated McPHERSONs clothing was removed. Several
attempts at resuscitation were tried, to no avail. RN SCHMID
described Lisa's physical condition as dirty, clothes and
hair 'unkempt and generally, "Looked like she hadn't been
taken care of." After McPHERSONs clothing was removed, SCHMID
stated she observed red marks on the victim's body but she
did not know what the

Office: Tampa Author: Sharon L. Feola
Date(s) of Activity: 02/14/1997
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