CPD summary, interview of Dr. Flynn Lovett, 2/24/97

Date:February 24, 1997

FL0520300/ Clearwater Police Department Report No.

Offense Death Investigation Date of
Report 2/24/97

Location 644 Pierce Street Orig Incident
Date 12/5/95
Victim VI Prosecute
Lisa McPherson
Yes X No
Investigator Jorge Carrasquillo
Previous status Active


Impound Inventory


On February 24, 1997, 1 met with Dr. Flynn, Lovett at Morton
Plant Hospital's emergency room at approximately 1400 hours.
Where I displayed the driver's license photos of Judith and
Humberto Fontana to Dr. Lovett, as requested by Sgt. Andrews.
Dr. Lovett stated he did not recognize the female, however
the male he did recognize. Dr. Lovett pointed at Humberto
Fontana's photo and said "he was the one passing out the
pamphlets," the night Lisa McPherson was here at the
hospital. Investigation continues

Ofc. Reporting Det. Jorge
Carrasquillo ID No. 630
Case Status Active. Date Cleared

Clearance Type Exception Type
1. Arrest 1. Extradition declined 3. Death of
Adult Juvenile 2. AR of primary offense, 4. V/W
refused to cooperate
2. Exceptional condary
offense, 5. Prosecution declined
3. Unfounded Se
w/o prosecution 6. Juv/No

Ofic R Date SAO info

7- 97

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