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Lesly Woodcraft-

Was with Lisa for 1 night, two weeks ago on 24 November. She
said that Lisa was extremely aggitated and moved around the room
a lot. She got aggitated a couple of times while Lesly was there
and slapped Janis Johnson several times through out the night.
She did not sleep that night. She was very non-coherent and
would chatter continuously while she was there. She also spent a
lot of time in the bathroom turning the water on and off and
banging the shower hose around. She then got herself drenched and
sprayed water all over the room. Floor got wet. At this point
once Joan arrived Lesly went out to get dry clothes for Lisa.

Joan Stevens -

She was also with Lisa for one day the same day and came in
to replace Lesly. When she got there, Lisa was. awake and
agitated, she became more agitated and became violent towards
Joan, Poking her in the eye and attempting to do it several
times. She then attacked Joan with a potted plant in the room,
which they took away from her. She then started to hit at things
in the room and broke a lamp hanging from the ceiling. There was
then glass all over the floor. She then became more and more
violent and broke more glass in the bathroom. She then went and
got back on her bed and then jumped off landed on the wet floor
and then hit her head on the floor. She then attempted to hit her
head again on the floor which the watch prevented her from doing.
At this point security was called in and she was gotten onto bar
bed and the room was cleared, all towel bars, hair dryers,
glasses etc were removed. The room was then cleaned up.

Barbro Wenberg -

Came in at the tail end of the above. She also was also with
Lisa for one day. Nothing more happened once she was there other
than Lisa being aggitated.

Patrica Stracener -

Was with Lisa for one.night I December from 10:00pm to 300
amWhen[1] Patricia arrived Lisa was asleep. Patricia started to
clean the room, Lisa then woke up and started to become aggitated
came up and slapped Patty several times. Patty would push her
arms back down to her side. She was very incoherent and rambling
on. Lisa then got sick and vomited. Patty got scared so she
called in security who said that it was fine. They cleaned it
up. Per Patty Lisa was always moving around.

Kenya Smyth -

Was with Lisa for 2 nights, 24th of Nov. First night she
arrived Lisa was very agitated and Kenya helped calm her down.

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[1] - Errors where in the original document
TIF 5071 OCR and bracketed comments by Michael Reuss