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and then Lisa fell asleep. She then slept for 8 hours. The next
night when Kenya arrived,, Lisa was babling[1] on a lot and talking
and was very agitated. She moved around the room a lot. Later
Hiede Sesary arrived, another watch member, to replace Valerie
Demange. She was not as good with Lisa so Kenya got Valerie back
into the room.

Valerie Damage -

Was with Lisa for a few days within about 3 days of Lisa's
arrival. Lisa was very aggitated[1] at the time and moved around
lot[1]. Valraie[1] was then off for a 2 days and then put back on, when
she got back she noticed that Lisa looked very tired and had only
been getting 3 - 5 hours of sleep per night. She was taking
Vitamins and protein drink.

Laura Arrunada - MLO Asst.

Laura started with Lisa two weeks ago. Lisa at this time
was very stirng[1] and fighting all the time, walking, talking,
cleaning the walls, sticking her hands in her mouth alot[1]. THere
were 3 staff with Lisa. Lisa was with Silvia at first and later
with Valerie and then with Rita. The first week she was still
very strong and kicking and fighting.

Lisa was eating at some times and other times was putting
the food on the floor. SHe[1] was eating bits at a time. The girls
helped her to eat and drink and tried to help her keep eating by
offering it to her.

Laura was off for 5 days and then started again last
Saturday. Lisa was less strong and sitting and walking more. She
was sitting and laying on the floor, rolling around, walking and
talking non-sequitor[1] That day she got a magnesium shot and she
slept and the next day she was better and not talking non-
sequitor[1]. She was only drinking protein shakes and not eating
much solid foods. She was then two days looking better and was
sleeping this week and talking to Laura at times in PT and
watching her Then two days later - yesterday she was refusing
the protein shake and when Laura arrived today she was looking
bad, she was not moving her body. Laura took her to give her a
shower. After the shower she was sleeping. Laura was watching
her to see that her expiratory range was OK. Her respiratory
range and pulse was OK. Laura told Janis that Lisa was not
eating and maybe needed an IV. Janis came to see her and saw she
was looking bad. Today her skin color changed to ivory color
and looked septic. Janis called the SHR C/S Office and called to
Dr Minkoff to get Ok to bring Lisa there to the hospital. Two
days ago Lisa was helping to put her clothes on and then
deteriorated in the last 24 hours very badly. IT was when Laura
arrived today that she noticed her doing bad.

FSO 00749

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[1] - errors in the original document
TIF 5072 OCR and bracketed comments by Michael Reuss