Understanding the Evidence

The files presented here are transcribed from the evidence compiled by the Clearwater Police Department during their investigation of Lisa McPherson's death. Citizens could request a CD-ROM containing over 6000 scanned pages of evidence directly from the police department.

There are three major categories of evidence presented at this site:

  • police inquiries and reports, which include interviews (both sworn and unsworn), sworn statements, and depositions taken by Clearwater Police Department investigators;
  • documentary evidence, including hospital records, drugstore files, bank records, and similar items;
  • Lisa's Scientology records, which include her Scientology ethics and personnel files, some of her correspondence, and tests and forms she filled out during her years in Scientology

All of this evidence helped police investigators to understand what had happened, and led to the filing of two felony charges against the Church of Scientology in 1998: abuse or neglect of a disabled adult and unauthorized practice of medicine. After the medical examiner changed one of her conclusions in 2000, the State of Florida decided not to prosecute the felony charges, but the family's wrongful death suit is still pending.