Inside Edition covers Lisa McPherson's story

Scientology watcher, videographer, and oral historian extraordinaire Mark Bunker recently posted some of the video coverage of Lisa's story to YouTube. He's got descriptions of some of the most powerful television segments about Lisa's death at his blog, the Wog Blog.

Among his recent uploads are three segments from Inside Edition, a television news program. Scientology lawyers were highly displeased with these programs, as shown by mentions in their letters to the police department:

Attorney Morris Weinberg's letter of January 2, 1997 to Clearwater Public Information Officer Wayne Shelor, calling it "irresponsible and inappropriate" to do a television interview accusing the police department of smearing Scientology

Attorney Morris Weinberg's letter of January 22, 1997 to Clearwater Police Detective Sgt. Wayne Andrews, complaining about Medical Examiner Joan Woods' interview with Inside Edition

Mark has an excellent archive of video about Lisa, including more than a dozen mentions on Clearwater television news. You can find them all at the Lisa McPherson page at XenuTV.

Thanks, Mark - this is an important collection, and I appreciate your work.