The Lisa McPherson Files - Credits

Several generous individuals contributed time and effort to transform the scanned images from the Clearwater Police Department CD into readable text.

I believe some work was done anonymously, and I'm probably missing some names. However, the following people did contribute:

  • Boudewijn van Ingen
  • Brent Stone
  • Jeff Jacobsen
  • Kristi Wachter
  • Lronscam
  • Michael Reuss
  • Mike O'Connor
  • Mimus
  • Roger Gonnet
  • Shy David

I am grateful to each of these people, especially Jeff Jacobsen, who did a great deal of the OCR work, and Lronscam, who helped organize the volunteers in 2000 when this project was begun.

In addition, I would like to thank the
Clearwater Police Department
for making these files available, and the people of Florida, for passing a Sunshine Law that encouraged public access to government information.

While I have done my best to ensure the accuracy of the information posted here, I accept responsibility for any errors. If you find any mistakes or problems, please notify me, and I will gladly try to fix them.

- Kristi Wachter