Enrollment Agreement (unsigned)


Brenda Hubert


[This is similar or identical to 6015.tif.]

Hubbard Dianetics Foundation

              Enrollment Agreement

[This document bears a copyright notice: (c) 1987 HDF. Accordingly, I
will quote only portions of it, and I have added commentary to the bits
I've quoted. Since the document is not signed, I'm not sure what its
relevance is to Lisa's case.]

I agree to participate in the following service offered by the Hubbard
Dianetics Foundation:



As Dianetics technology deals with the human soul, it is religious in
nature. However, Dianetics technology can be practiced by people of all
religious beliefs.

[Note that they don't use the word "compatible" here. They do withhold
the information that practice of some Dianetics practices, such as being
encouraged to recall events from past lives, is incompatible with the
religious beliefs of many religious groups.]

I understand that any benefits which I derive from participation in the
Service will be spiritual and can be realized only as the result of
exact adherence to and understanding of the materials. In other words, I
will get out of the Service that which I put in.

[This paragraph accomplishes several things:

* it indicates that results are all spiritual, thus setting any dispute
over the results outside the jurisdiction of the courts
* it shifts responsibility for poor or missing results off of
Scientology/HDF and onto the consumer
* it creates confusion about the effort and compentence demanded of the
consumer. First it says that benefits are obtained ONLY as the result of
EXACT adherence to and understanding of the materials, then it says "I
will get out of it what I put into it." These statements are NOT
equivalent, though. The latter implies that if you give it a
half-hearted try, you'll get some results but not great results; the
former implies that you must give 100% effort AND compliance, and that
you must understand EVERYTHING, or else you may get no results at all. 

I waive any claim against the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation, its agents,
employees, and affiliates and will hold them harmless from any related
or resulting cost or liability.

[Two questions: Why are clauses like this legal? and Why would anyone
sign such a clause?]

I understand that the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation relies upon my above
stated understandings and agreements in determining that I am qualified
to participate in the Service.

[A subtle reminder that Scientology (a/k/a HDF here) will determine who
may or may not have access to spiritual advancement, and they may deny
it to you based on whatever criteria they choose.]

I have voluntarily executed this Agreement this ___ day of ____, 1987.

[I think the effect of this sentence is more on the signer than on the
legality of the document. As I understand it - I am not a lawyer - a
contract is assumed to be signed voluntarily, and signs of coercion or
duress can nullify a contract. However, having the signer read and agree
to this statement can provide an internal reluctance to acknowledge,
later, any coercion or pressure the signer was under.]

[lines for signatures, including parent if the signer is underage]

FSO 01603