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2 Apr 83



Lead Sup

Knowledge Report


Lisa McPherson

Today Lisa came in with sniffles and sore throat. I sent her to give a vol. exam and wrote a KR. Later it keyed out while studying and I sent her to give another vol. exam. Now, at the end of the day, it seemed that it was back again from my observatio
n (seemed to be sniffling again).

These are definite indicators of PTSness as I see it, R/Cing and illness.

She has been in the process of breaking up with her boyfriend Rick Benson and there has been a lot of a PTP on this a few times with her not being sessionable because of lack of sleep from staying up talking to him. He's moving to Las Vegas soon. I don
't know if this has any bearing on the sit or not but could, so I included it.

Robin J. Rhyne

FSO 2441