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The Findings and Recommendations from the Executive Court of Ethics held on Lisa Skonetski, Public Contact Secretary.

The Court of Ethics was held on August 22, 1988. The findings document is dated August 27, 1988. The document is labeled HCO [TM] Ethics Order #110-1.

Routing is to

Staff Notice Board

Those Concerned


According to the document, Lisa plead guilty to both charges against her (Non-Compliance, a misdemeanor in Scientology, and Refusal to uphold discipline, a crime in Scientology). The court found that Lisa was "dramatizing case on post", which caused th

e stats to crash in the areas of the org she's involved in.

The recommendation is this:

"Lisa is not to be trained or processed (on anything other than hatting materials) for 10 weeks."

However, in accordance with HCO PL 24 June 1979, "Crime Additions," if Lisa can handle "these case manifestations" (to be verified by Lisa's boss and the Director of Inspections and Reports), the study and processing ban will only apply for 10 days, no

t 10 weeks.

The document is authored by:

Michael Laws

Garrison HES

approved by

Carol Lee South

Issue Authority

DH/LRH [TM] Communicator

Church of Scientology [TM]
Celebrity Centre (R) Dallas

FSO 01267