Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:March 6, 1994


Dear Robin,

Well, I finally found a few minutes to write you. Sorry for the comm lag!

I need to catch you up on the latest and greatest but I don't know where to start. I'll just jump right in here and first tell ya that his name is Kurt. Kurt Paine. Also known as Jack and depending on what day it is, Hakim. I told him I was accustomed to being with a lot of men and he is very accomodating. I originally met him in the L's HGC where we began sparring. I liked him, he didn't seem intimidated by my magnificent presence and breathtaking volumptous breats [sic; voluptuous breasts]. In fact, I don't think he even noticed. It's quite a funny story actually and if you have the time now I will impart the beginning chapters of our love adventure to you. ... Before I begin however, I wish to inform you of your positively divine inspiration in the area of the second dynamic for me

FSO 01078


I distinctively recall particular motivation from the incident of you drilling the little blonde lass that was so hot for you. Although this was not necessarily our stellar example of the non-E formula, I was nevertheless "moved". I moved right in after Kurt shortly after. I had flirted with him serupticiously [sic; surreptitiously] for weeks in the HGC. I would watch the swell in his jeans then flit away before he had the chance to invite me out for a casual evening of sexual intercourse. Once he did invite me to the One Stop Shoppe though, to pick up his mail; I went along being coy the entire trip. As we were coming back he did the dirtiest, most rotten thing a man could ever do, he said "am I perceiving a 2D flow from you?" The very nerve of him! I puffed up like a porcupine and very emphatically said "NO!" I felt the only thing I could do at that point to avert penetration

FSO 01079

was very honestly lie to him. I mean, I liked him, okay? I enjoyed our comm line and so, in an effort to preserve our newly developed relationship I did the only reasonable thing I could see to do at the time. Do you think that was appropriate? The strangest thing happened following that. Our comm line disintegrated and I didn't see or talk to him for weeks. "That's what he gets for hitting on me", I thought. Then I saw him at the OT Committee meeting and watched him as he ignored me week after week. I could see the man was obviously losing sleep over me since I rejected him. He was playing right into my hands. Once I wore a sexy dress and kept flashing my gorgeous legs at him from across the room. He just sat still, never once looking my way. Now is he hurting or what?!? So I found out he hadn't been on course recently and since our #1 project as OT Comm. members is to

FSO 01080


get our local public on course, I took it upon myself and being the fine lady that I am, graciously volunteered to phone this lazy, no good, dilletant panty waist, low down, off course scoundrel and do my best to bring him back to the fold. I mean somebody had to take responsibility for this bum so it may as well be me. I called him late one evening and learned in 2 minutes (or less) that he'd started course since our last meeting. Our conversation suddenly had no topic. Well, I am real busy and I didn't have time to sit and listen to him slobbering into the phone about how empty his life was without me so before he could even start with it, I rushed off the line. The following week I was scheduled to go out of town on a business trip. I do call-in for the OT Committee and needed someone to wear the hat for me. I considered asking this Kurt guy since he appeared

FSO 01081


to be at least intelligent enough to dial the phone and I decided to have him do it sort of as an amends project for having jerked me around so bad. He needs to help me and do this! So I asked him and he agreed. I faxed him (not fucked, faxed) my list of members to call with specific instructions to call me if he had any questions. I knew this guy was dense when I then had to call him (he didn't call me) and ask him "so, do you have any questions?" He didn't, which made me very suspicious because if he didn't have any questions, WHY DIDN'T HE JUST CALL AND TELL ME?! I swear, mean are just plain stupid sometimes. By this time I could tell that he was about to embarass himself and make further sexual advances towards me which I positively could not bear, so I told him I had a little something I needed to share with him.

FSO 01082


I am desperately hoping he does not perceive that I am being solely sympathetic toward him but that's really what it was. I said "So, do you remember that night we were walking back from the One Stop Shoppe?" "Yes" he says. "Well, I lied to you" "Oh? what about?" he asked. (He wants to torture me obviously). "Well, I er, uh... I sort of... told you that I uh, well, that er I didn't have 2D flows going on for you when maybe I did." I was hoping to get him off my back once and for all this time. Then he asked me if that was all of it! He wants me to grovel now. I told him all of it and he is the most caring, loving, understanding, good looking, generous, hard working and charming individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! We began talking and talked for nearly an hour.

Robin he's a prince. I did my trip and when I came back I called to thank him for being

FSO 01083


such a good friend to help me out and we jawed another hour or so. As we were bringing it to a close he asked me the most touching, romantic question: he asked me if he was perceiving 2D flows from me. Now isn't that sweet? With zero comm lag I said "Yes". Robin, it was like a marriage proposal. I was so ultimately touched. And since that's what I wanted, was to be ultimately touched I anxiously admitted to him how I felt. And that's how it all began. I'll report the next chapter later and just to briefly bring you up to date - we did our 1st & 2nd dynamic scales, we did a 2D admin scale together, applied non-E with rave success and now I am getting laid on a regular basis. He's 45, Clear, owns his own business, is on Solo 2 with me, cooks, absolutely adores me and won't just give me [money? illegible]

FSO 01084


when I ask for it. He makes little animal noises when he waked up and it's sort of like waking up on a farm. We have an incredible, theta comm line. I don't believe I've ever had such a comparable terminal that aligned so well with my other dynamics. I did get hit with s/g about 2 weeks after we started seeing each other and actually got to do a set of lowers on my 2D from doubt. It was wild because we were trying to apply non E and the first time we did the wild thing I got keyed in and went whoa what the hell is this? I got with Ben & Bren and got a sort out on it. I told Kurt and he was great - we just kept our comm line in and stayed in comm (but not having sex) until I got through it. I could go on & on!

Different subject - Kurt and I spent Memorial Day WE at

FSO 01085


Oh, I said I'd do a new subject - Oh - before I do though, would you please do me a HUGE favor? If you see Mr. Jim would you please tell him I am square on my 2D and I really appreciate all he did for me? I forgot to ever send him the write up and so I had to make it go right with his pure intention. Do report that I am doing great tough and he definitely is an inspiration.

I am going to start L-12 next week! I am so excited!

Larry Geis is here, he had dinner with me the other night.

Everyone is doing great here - Bennetta is on the ship as you probably know doing OT8.

Craig & Gilda did a 2D co-audit and seem to be making good progress.

Would you ask Force to call my mom & just keep the comm line in please? I get

FSO 01086


the distinct feeling mom wants the comm line with Force. She was trying to quit smoking last I heard and she should be on the wagon.

Well, I'm about to land - I'm on my way to New Orleans for a trade show so I'll close for now.

Love you tons! Tell all I said hello.


FSO 01087