Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:April 24, 1995


24 April [date cut off - probably 1995]

Dear Robin,

Just read your most recent letter, now I shall discard of it properly.

I'm sort of glad you did your demo because it's really given me the adequate mass on my current situation and I can clearly see how it's best to keep those urges at bay until all the details have been worked out! Actually I would have gladly volunteers to perform this "in life" research project. Perhaps a follow up demo will be required to see if this outcome and phenomenon will will remain through time. You can count on me. I want you to know something - you have been fully duplicated! I understand the human desire to just go for it, that's been my SOP for years. Now I'm living with Jeff Litton and have to keep my ethics in and it has been a struggle.

FSO 01088

We definitely have that physical thing but he's told me he doesn't intend a long term relationship with me so I'd really go to shit if I cross over that line. I also share your R on just having that comm line aside from all the no good, nasty, low down, dirty, filthy, repulsive sex. The comm line is the ultimate goal for me. You know, now that I think of it, anytime I give a guy one of my top of the richter scale blow jobs the comm line went in a lot faster - he really wanted to be in my space after that. Why Robin, do men go so crazy over a simple snack? I'd give anything to chow down on Jeff Litton. The man is obviously in need of more auditing!

I love you and I'm glad we have the special comm line we do!



FSO 01089