Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:February 9, 1995


Dear Robin,

I'm alive! Holy smoke I didn't think I would make it - ask Dan Levine, he'll tell you how pitiful I looked. Looks like I'm out of the woods now. Thank you for being there for me. Although I didn't write much I thought about you many many times and the stability of our comm line definitely helped see me through. I am still in the HGC and getting sessions daily. You will never believe the level of care and service I've received at Flag. I'm ready to go on tour and tell the world how anything CAN BE HANDLED! Although the last several months are still sort of blank for me I can tell you the days ahead will be much brighter and I'll keep you posted on my progress. The Deputy Sr. C/S is awaiting me - can you

FSO 2632

believe it?!? I barely can - these guys are something else. Who do you know that should come to Flag? I'll help get them here.

I got your card - I loved it!

Thank you for being my friend.

I love you!


FSO 2633