Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:April 1, 1995


Dear Robin,

Sorry for the slow in writing back! I love your letters! I do sometimes have a tad bit of difficulty with making out the words sometimes, please review enclosed letter and translate. Nevertheless, I GOT the win and that is really something!! I can sure relate to the magnitude of it too.

The latest is that I am reading DMSMH on my solo course. It is going faster than before but still not fast enough to suit me. I'm on page 84 (I think).

I'm still surviving on my 2D - it's been a bit of a struggle but we are making it. Kurt is back on the purif (he's done it before) and that is keeping our lives interesting.

FSO 2643

Work is going well. I am moving on to brighter pastures - I'm taking over a new mag we will be publishing - it will be VERY hot.

I don't know why Jeff hasn't written - he's been very busy lately - of course that is always the typical excuse!

I'm pressed for time this A.M. but I at least wanted to say hello. Tell everyone I said "hey" and keep writing!

Love You,


FSO 2644