Letter to Dean


Lisa McPherson

Date:July 10, 1994

10 July


Hello again! I was happy to receive your recent letter. Thanks for keeping the comm line in.

You asked about my progress on the Ls. I have only done one and currently I am doing set ups for the next one.

I have a "handsome hunk" I chased and caught successfully. His name is Kurt and I have every intention of marrying him one day soon. We are very happy together and I'll keep you posted on our progress.

I heard from Bill and Robin recently. Sounds like everyone is really applying the definition of a team and doing a good job of holding down the fort.

It was very good of you to donate your truck to the org - I bet it will be a great DMSMH truck.

When do you leave for LA? Who is replacing you?

FSO 2665

Continue applying the tech throughout your life and you'll surely do well at anything.

What course or auditing are you doing now?



Please note my new address:

201 B Fairmont

Clearwater, FL 34615

FSO 2666