Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:July 10, 1994

10 July 94

Dear Robin,

Well I am back on a plane but this time I am coming back from the Big Apple! Kurt took me w/ him to a trade show. What a town - makes me realize what an easy life I have. I got 3 letters from you this week, thanks for all the comm - I love it.

Thanks for telling my message to Mr. Jim.

I have not gotten very far on my solo course. I told you I started over last month right? Now I am in the HGC about every night and I study after session but it isn't very much. I am on pg 20 or so of DN and it is going slow. I just have to keep plugging and not get tangled up in the loss of it taking so long. I've not started L-12 yet, I have had a couple of slows on my set ups and have not gotten much auditing in the past 2 weeks. Last w/e my apt was robbed so I went to ethics and got that all sorted out. Had an enormous cog on how my TR4 in life was out and I was quietly trying to escape originations instead of handle them. It was going on across my dynamics too! So I got busy and wrote up my danger formula to handle it & now it is!

FSO 2667

Please note my new address:

201 B Fairmont St

Clwr FL 34615

FSO 2668