Letter to Aaron



Date:November 24, 1994


Church of Scientology

Flag Service Organization, Inc.

P.O. Box 31751

Tampa, Florida 33631-3751 USA

(813) 461-1282


Dear Aaron,

Well I got your letter today and I was so happy to hear from you! I had just gotten letters from Robin & Bill and I thought about you - I should have written before now and I'm sorry that I haven't. You asked me a million questions in your letter and s
ince I don't have it I'll do my best from the hip.

I just completed my Grade I EXP - Oh my god what a complete relief! I did Grade 0 EXP too and it was incredible. I'm done with my set up program and I'm ready to go on to L-12. I should start that next week.

That is really exciting about your wife coming home in December!! Wow I bet you can hardly wait.

I found myself a true love (a white guy)! We have been dating since May and so far as I can tell, he's a keeper. We are both working at really creating our 2D and it has not been a cake walk. We have been through quite a few "interesting experiences" a
lready but it has steadily improved as we work our scenes out.

FSO 2704

You asked about Flag. I don't know how I could truly convey what it's like living here but here are a few things you should know.

People move up the bridge here. The public strongly enforces the agreement that being on course or in the HGC is what's acceptable. There are some I'm sure who don't come around who are bogged for whatever reason but the active field is ACTIVE!<

You know after having been here for only a short time, that there isn't anything that Flag cannot handle.

The environment of Scientology schools and businesses makes it very safe and sane. It's like Utopia.

I live in a townhouse near the water in a very upstat community. It's the nicest place I've ever lived.

Well that's about it from here - thanks for writing - let's do keep in touch

Love you!!


FSO 2705