Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:February 28, 1994

Lisa McPherson


Dear Robin,

Sorry I've not answered your letters until now.

I finished L-11 and have routed onto my Solo course - can't recall what wins I gave you but I have daily wins from this action. I have a new ability to see things I've never experienced before. Just this week I learned I wasn't God. Boy that was
a tough one to swallow! I spotted on my 2D how I'd always been God and just handled e/g in order to get what I wanted. I'd set big traps and snare most men I set my sights on. Robin I have never done NON-E on my 2D - EVER! So many screaming outpoints got
ignored because of who I thought I was. Like with Franz - the first night we went out I told him straight out that I was looking for a husband. He tells me straight out he doesn't intend to get married. Now if I'd

FSO 2753

done a correct Non-E I'd said thank you very much - let's be friends instead. But nooooo; I looked at that situation and quietly to myself thought "Oh this will be easy, he just doesn't know who I am (GOD) yet and I'll get him to fall in love with me -
he'll change his mind". Poor Franz never stood a chance. I beat on him, charmed him, bought him, EVERYTHING I could think of. After 11 mos I go out 2D on him and when I present him with my announcement that I am blowing (in effect) - he suddenly gets alt
er fever! Oh yea - he wants to marry me - now that I've committed so many overts on him I have to leave! So I got my product! Disgusting. I basically trapped him. So anyway - this same God thing started showing up on my post - Oh I don't have to worry abo
ut really doing my post correct all the time - people buy from me because they recognize my aura and omnipotent beingness! Boy that sure hurt when I cogged that was false.

FSO 2754

My stats took off like a rocket when I spotted that one!

So the deal here is that I can look and observe isnesses and they vanish and conditions change instantly - it's a real rocket ride!

I'm sassier than ever.

I have to run but I'll write again.

I called you tonight too so maybe we'll talk soon!

Love you!


FSO 2755