Letter from Robin and Lisa's reply


Robin, Lisa McPherson



10500 Steppington Drive Suite #100 Dallas, Texas 75230-4550 (214) 691-4821

27 Jan 94

Dear Lisa,

I went back to see Tombstone a second time and do you know what, it was even better the second time! What a movie!

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Did I tell you I did the same thing!! I agree!

Jeff will arrive today and we'll get a lot of auditing done so that's good. By now your tapes should have arrived. That first lecture was quite interesting! It's OK to be

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Yes they're here. I have no tape player at home yet.

FSO 2793

intolerant of disorder! A win!

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Great!

Lots of data in those lectures.

I saw on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous how Donald Trump's wife just loves to clean fish while they're out on the yacht. Liz Taylor won't let anyone else near a fish-cleaning knife when she's out at sea!



[in Lisa's handwriting:] Jeff says I can start my tests as soon as I've finished paying my membership fees. They went up again for some odd reason ... XO, Lisa

FSO 2794