Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:January 31, 1994


Dear Robin,

This ends the most exciting month I ever recall. Got your letter. The one you wrote after we talked on the phone last and the letter just prior to the next one I will receive. Remember?

L-11 is uh ... well, it's the sort of action that leaves one speechless and the wins are very difficult to enunciate. Yesterday something happened, shit I don't even have the first clue what it was. After whatever happened occurred, it was if I had bee
n enclosed in some sort of bubble and that sucker blew and I just began to expand. There was no time. Or maybe there was more time. I was hanging out in the lobby of the HGC tormenting the pitiful Buffalo Bills fans for what seemed like hours. It was minu
tes. I went out

FSO 2796

on a win and watched the S-Bowl. There we all were in the main auditorium in the org watching on a big screen TV. I was the only genuine Cowboy fan but I was enuf. Robin, I hollered and jumped up and down, parading up and down the isles, seeing all the
long faces of those foolish Bills fans - what a ball. Oh - I was telling you my L-11 win - ok where was I? I had no idea what occurred but today I spotted a ser fac I've run on people was gone! It was a quiet little ser fac, hardly noticable but it drove
me mad every time someone would ask me a question I didn't like or one I thought was stupid I'd eject this tiny little flow of "you dumb ass mother fucker, why don't you go figure it out and stop bothering me?" It was so subtle and so covert I always tho
ught it was THEM DOING IT TO ME! Anyway - it's G.O.N.E. Gone!

FSO 2797

I do have a new beingness doingness and havingness and I can't figure out what it was that really did happen. I just know I am different. I am moving more A to B on every cycle of action. I don't sleep as much. Saturday I got in at 1:30 AM, slept til 4
:30 and was ready to go! I had to force the body back to sleep a couple more hours - energy delux. I glow constantly. Today I was overcome with pure joy. It was a very joyful feeling. I got in session tonight for about 5 minutes and I busted out in anothe
r line charge.

Thanks for keeping in touch!

Will you do me a big favor? Would you, the next time you see Theresa, give her a hug from me? Then ask her to hug you for me!

Thanks - I'll be in touch


FSO 2798



P.S. Due to the excessive humidity here please fully seal your envelopes. Lick the sticky part otherwise it sticks to the papers inside and fucks up your magnificent letters.

FSO 2799