Letter from Cindy



Date:January 24, 1989

( 3 )

I have seen go into the S.O. Gene basically blew his post. Your replacements Steve Trower & Roy Fairbanks are not keeping their word; Roy is working in Estates & Steve Trower is not real regular either. I don't see how some one with $30,000 in debts can be eligible for the S.O. Plus I think you know you have taken LSD too. What about all those hallucinations you told me about? I feel it was pretty low [last line illegible]

FSO 01136

( 4 )

to LA this last time under the guide of "going for cramming" & never coming back.

Anyway enough of my BPC. I heard that you & Gene are "split-up". What does that mean?

Oh, it might also be helpful if you let me know how much you want for the things you want sold.

FSO 01137

( 5 )

I also put in a change of address at the post office. I have having your & Gene's mail sent to you at CCI.

This is all for now.


FSO 01138