Interview with Thomas Beilhart

Date:March 12, 1997

  0 520300 CLEARWATER P.D.                    AGENCY REPORT NO. 95-29158
NAME(S): Lisa McPherson                       ORIG. DATE REPORTED: 12/06/95
INCIDENT:  Death Investigation                VI WILL PROSECUTE: Y X        N
LOCATION:   644 Pierce Street                 PAGE 1     OF 16
INVESTIGATOR: Detective Jorge Carrasquillo

PREV CASE STATUS:        Active
   1   The date is March 12, 1997.      The time is 1445 hours.     This is an interview with
   2   Tom...Thomas Beilhart concerning the Lisa McPherson investigation.  Present during the
   3   interview are Attorney Ron Cacciatore; F.D.L.E. Agent Sharon Feola; and myself Detective
   4   Carrasquillo.
   5   Det. Carrasquillo:  Thomas,  for identification purposes  please   state your personal
   6                       information. I need you to state your name and then spell it, your
   7                       complete legal name, home address, date of birth, social security number,
   8                       home phone number and work telephone number.
   9   Beilhart:           Okay. Thomas, T-H-O-M-A-S, Joseph, J-O-S-E-P-H, Beilhart, B-E-I-L-H-A-
  10                       R-T. The address is X, X,
  11                       Florida, ahm, X. Home number is . Work number is
  12                       . My date of birth is X, 1958.
  13   Det. Carrasquillo:  Great. Thank you. What we're gonna do is we're...were gonna talk to
  14                       you about Lisa McPherson. Were gonna get an idea of...of her mental
  15                       frame of mind, background, habit's prior to her death. So I'm basically
  16                       going to tell you why don't you tell me a little bit about Lisa. How you
  17                       met her? Ah...where'd you know her from. How'd you...
  18   Atty. Cacciatore:   Could you do me a favor first and just put on the record that what you
  19                       said off the record, and this is that he was not a target in any way.
  20   Det. Carrasquillo:  Okay. No problem. I told you earlier that you are here as a witness. At
  21                       this point in time you're not a suspect. You're just here as a witness.
  22   T. Beilhart:        Mmmhmm.
  23   Det. Carrasquillo:  Okay? And...and I want you to be aware of that fact. If we develop
  24                       information down the road that it might change I'll let you know
  25                       otherwise. But, as of today you're strictly here as a witness.

FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                       Report No. 95-29158
Offense: Death Investigation                                Date of Report: 03/12/97
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 26   Beilhart:            Yes.
 27   Det. Carrasquillo:   Okay?
 28   T. Beilhart:         Okay....
 29   Det. Carrasquillo:   Now....
 30   Beilhart:            So, I met Lisa when I first came on to join AMC Publishing when I first
 31                        got hired that was in February of 1995. And I...she worked in a different
 32                        division than what I did. I worked in a list...what I did was I sell...I sold
 33                        lists. She worked in a different department where she, ah, sold
 34                        packs, which was...and we didn't really see each other much. We were
 35                        both in our separate offices working. Ahm, I knew her socially...just to
 36                        work, ahm, I always thought her was...she was very, very helpful with
 37                        me since I was a new guy on the...on the job. Id never done really
 38                        telephone sales before so she helped me out a lot on that area. Never
 39                        really socialized her with...outside of AMC other then I worked on Winter
 40                        Wonderland in., ah, 95, and she was a part of that. And other than
 41                        that I went to one party and was a Halloween Party in 1995
 42                        where she...she....she...I saw her there. Ahm, I probably just said hi to
 43                        her or something like that because I was with a bunch of other friends.
 44                        Other than when she was not working at AMC I didn't...I didn't see her
 45                        until she came in, visited, ahm, I would say hi to her and stuff
 46                        like that, but I didn't ask her how she was doing, or get really involved
 47                        with her social life or anything like that. Ahm, I was real shocked to hear
 48                        that she died. I didn't know about that. Also that, ahm, I understand
 49                        she had a car accident and I didn't know anything about that.
 50   Det. Carrasquillo:   Okay.
 51   Bellhart:            Ahm, other than that, I mean, it was just real social at work it was just
 52                        hi, how is everything going, ahm.
 53   Det. Carrasquillo:   So. basically you're saying your...your contact with Lisa was at work,
 54                        and not on a social basis.
 55   T. Beilhart:         Yes, that's correct.
 56   Det. Carrasquillo:   Okay, and you said you started working in February of 95?

FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                    Report No. 95-29158
Offense: Death Investigation                            Date of Report: 03/12/97
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 57      Beilhart:          Yeah, February of...yeah.
 58      Det. Carrasquillo: With the, ah, AMC Publishing.
 59      T. Beilhart:       that's correct.
 60      Det. Carrasquillo: Did you know Lisa prior to that?
 61      Beilhart:          No. I did not.
 62      Det. Carrasquillo: So you didn't come here from Texas?
 63      T. Beilhart:       No.
 64      Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
 65      T. Beilhart:       I got hired...I was, ahm, I've been here on and off since 1990...I'm sorry,
 66                         1984.
 67      Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
 68      Agent Feola:       Where are you from originally?
 69      T. Bejlhart:       Virginia. Norfolk, Virginia.
 70      Det. Carrasquillo: And you stated you did not work directly with...with Lisa.
 71      Beilhart:          No, other than, I mean, we had similar clients where one of her clients
 72                         might wanted to buy a list of agents to do, ah, some seminars so they'd
 73                         need a list and....
 74      Det. Carrasquillo: Right.
 75      Beilhart:          Other than that, that was it.
 76      Det. Carrasquillo: I can get an idea, about how many
 77                         employees are at AMC?
 78      Beilhart:          When I first started there was probably only about twenty. And now
 79                         there's probably close to the 30s...that's with the owners.
 80      Det. Carrasquillo: So it's a pretty good size business where you wouldn't have daily contact
 81                         with somebody, or would you bump into each other though out the day.
 82      Bellhart:          Yeah, I mean, wed definitely see each other. I mean, you know, we
 83                         had...
 84      Any. Cacciatore:   Let me interrupt....ah, on the daily, because I want to make sure that
 85               , [INAUDIBLE] was it 1995, the owners or what ever they would
 86                         be called, of the corporation providing a luncheon for everybody....
 87      Beilhart:          Yes.

FL052O300/Clearwater Police Department                       Report No. 95-29158
Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
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 88    Any. Cacciatore: people would see each other at lunch.
 89    Agent Feola:        That was my next question, Ron.
 90    Any. Cacciatore:    I actually was gonna mention that, too.
 91    Det. Carrasquillo:  All right. So you were having daily contact at lunch, and you spoke.
 92                        What did, if you could think back a little bit. What was her frame of
 93                        mind like July...June, July...
 94    T. Beilhart:        I couldn't recall. I don't...was...was she currently working at AMC then?
 95    Det. Carrasquillo:  Yes.
 96    T. Beilhart:        Okay. Fine, I mean, basically I didn't know, ahm, that was fine...
 97    Det. Carrasquillo:  Okay.
 98    T. Beilhart:        I mean, as far as I can think of. I mean, I didn't notice anything....
 99    Det. Carrasquillo:  Right. Let me make it more specific. I'm trying to find out did you have
100                       any knowledge of her absence from work around July of 95?
101   Beilhart:           I know that she was...see this is the time frame, I don't know when
102                       she'd left and she....she did come back for a short period and then she
103                       left again. That time frame I actually don't know know,
104                       what month she was gone...
105   Det. Carrasquillo:  Okay. But, she was gone at one time for a short period. She comes
106                       back to work....
107   Beilhart:           Yes.
108   Det. Carrasquillo:  And then she comes back again.
109   Beilhart:           Yeah.
110   Det. Carrasquillo:  That would have been the July incident...
111   Beilhart:           Okay.
112   Det. Carrasquillo:  Or, right around July.
113   Beilhart:           As far as I know she was, ah, heading up a new department, ah, selling
114                       magazines and she was like going...working diligent...diligently, you
115                       know, creating that, ah, that, ah, field...that market for the magazine.
116                       Other than that I didn't really, you know....
117   Det. Carrasquillo:  You thought she might still been working out of the house or you didn't
118                       know what she was doing...

FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                       Report No. 95-29158
Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
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119    T. Beilhart:       Yeah, I actually didn't know.
120    Det. Carrasquillo: There was no...there was no mention around the lunch table, you know,
121                       that she might have been out, ah, getting some attention and care?
122                       Anything like that?
123    Beilhart:          Other than I know that she was getting auditing at the church.
124    Det. Carrasquillo: The first time she was gone.
125    Bellhart:          Yeah. Other than that I didn't know. I know that she was doing services
126                       out at the Church of Scientology and that was it.
127    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Services would be what you call auditing?
128    T. Beilhart:       Right.
129    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. What was your last contact Lisa prior to her death?
130    Beilhart:          Probably back till when she was back at work at AMC in July. I mean
131                       that was probably the only contact I saw her.
132    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay...she came...she was gone like in July, she comes back I think in
133                       August.
134    T. Beilhart:       Okay. August.
135    Det. Carrasquillo: September and October.
136    T. Beilhart:       Okay.
137    Det. Carrasquillo: That time frame...
138    T. Beilhart:       Well, I would have seen her at work.
139    Det. Carrasquillo: And how did she appear to you at that time?
140    T. Bellhart:       Calm. I didn't notice anything different.
141    Det. Carrasquillo: No problem. She wasn't over talkative, over loquacious. She wasn't, ah,
142                       getting real close to people, I mean, when she was talking to them?
143    T. Beilhart:       No.
144    Det. Carrasquillo: She seemed absolutely normal to you?
145    T. Beilhart:       Yeah. Total...
146    Det. Carrasquillo: Was she complaining of any bruises, any ailment? Any physical ailment?
147                       Anything like that?
148    T. Beilhart:       Not with me at all.
149    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Did you hear anything about her, ah, isolation from November 18,

FL05~20300/Clearwater Police Department                      Report No. 95-29158
Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
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150                       1995 til December 5, 1995?
151    T. Beilhart:       No, I didn't know anything about that.
152    Det. Carrasquillo: They didn't give you any explanations at work where she was, why she
153                       wasn't coming back to work?
154    Beilhart:          All I knew is that she was staying....actually I didn't even know that I. ..I
155                       got the, ahm, I think after the death that she was staying at the, ah, Fort
156                       Harrison Hotel.
157    Det. Carrasquillo: So you found out after the fact.
158    T. Beilhart:       I think so.
159    Det. Carrasquillo: You had mentioned the accident earlier. Did you find that out after the
160                       fact also, or before the fact.
161    T. Beilhart:       For what?
162    Det. Carrasquillo: The accident. That she was involved in the accident?
       T. Beilhart:       I found that out much later...much later.
164    Det. Carrasquillo: Did anyone ever, ah, direct you to write a report about your observations
165    of Lisa?
166    Bellhart:          No.
167    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, so you have...there is no written documentation regarding, with
168                       your signature on it in anywhere in Lisa's church records or in AMC
169                       employment where there's a report outlining she was acting,
170                       how she was behaving?
171    T. Beilhart:       Nothing there.
172    Det. Carrasquillo: Did you ever give an oral report to any on her behavior to anyone?
173    Any. Cacciatore:   I assume that excludes any conversation that he would have had that
174                       would have been protected by the attorney, client privilege.
175    Det. Carrasquillo: Yeah. No, I'm...I'm talking at work, at actually the work environment
176                       prior to you coming on board.
177    Any. Cacciatore:   Okay.
178    Beilhart:          No.
179    Det. Carrasquillo: Did you know or hear any reason why Gloria Cruise was living with Lisa?
180    Beilhart:          As far as I knew they were just roommates.

         FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                       Report No. 95-29158
         Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
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  181    Det. Carrasquillo: But you knew nothing other than that?
  182    Beilhart:          No.
  183    Det. Carrasquillo: How did you learn about Lisa's death? Or the circumstances surrounding
  184                       her death?
  185    Beilhart:          Ahm...they called a meeting at work and, ah, all the employees, ahm,
  186                       basically met and we, ahm, David Slaughter told everybody at that time
  187                       what...what, that Lisa passed away. They didn't know the results or
  188                       anything like that, they just said that Lisa passed away and...last night or
  189                       whatever time, I can't recall if it was over the weekend or during the
  190                       week that she passed away, but I think it was Friday morning or Monday
  191                       morning, whatever that she passed away?
  192    Agent Feola:       Were you shocked?
  193    Beilhart:          Oh, yeah. I was.
  194    Agent Feola:       Do you recall the last time that you saw her prior to that? Do you
  195                       remember, Tom, around the time of the Nelba Conference in Orlando?
  196    Beilhart:          Oh, yeah.
  197    Agent Feola:       Do you remember seeing her there in that week?
  198    Beilhart:          Oh, yeah, we went together actually.
  199    Agent Feola:       Did you go to the Nelba Concer...Conference?
  200    Beilhart:          Uh huh.
  201    Agent Feola:       Oh, I didn't know that. Who did you attend the conference with?
  202    Beilhart:          It was, ahm, myself, Lisa...ahm...I think Ray Hemphill. I know that
  203                       Franz Reiter showed up later. He didn't come with us, but he showed up
  204                       later. Ahm...
  205    Agent Feola:       Do you know who he traveled with?
  206    Beilhart:          No. [INAUDIBLE] But, ahm, me, myself, Craig Burton, Ray Hemphill and
  207                       Lisa. I think we drove together to the show.
  208    Agent Feola:       Okay, which show was that?
  209    Beilhart:          The Nelba. The one in Tampa.
  210    Agent Feola:       No, this is the one in...yeah...
  211    Beilhart:          In Tampa.

           FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                       Report No. 95-29158
           Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
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     212   Agent Feola:       ...this is a different one. This is the one in Orlando.
     213   Beilhart:          No, I didn't go to that one.
     214   Agent Feola:       Okay.
     215   Det. Carrasquillo: And let me give you specific date to make sure we clarify that...
     216   Agent Feola:       Do you remember when that was? The one in Tampa?
     217   Beilhart:          Yeah, it was when I first came on.
     218   Agent Feola:       Oh, it was way back.
     219   Beilhart:          Yeah.
     220   Agent Feola:       Okay.
     221   Beilhart:          When I first joined the company.
     222   Det. Carrasquillo: No, we're talking November 15, 16, 17...
     223   Beilhart:          Oh, I didn't go to that show...I didn't go to that show.
     224   Det. Carrasquillo: Do you know who went to that show?
     225   Beilhart:          I know that, ahm, Ray...I mean Franz Reiter went to that show. That's
     226                      about it because he's my, ahm, senior in my department. He's my
     227                      manager.
     228   Agent Feola:       In the magazine department?
     229   Beilhart:          Right.
     230   Agent Feola:       Okay.
     231   Beilhart:          Not the magazine, the list department.
     232   Agent Feola:       Oh, oh...yes, that's right.
     233   Beilhart:          Which I work at, so I know that he went because basically I was the only
     234                      one that were working in that...that [INAUDIBLE] at that time.
     235   Det. Carrasquillo: How do you spell his last name?
     236   Beilhart:          R-E-I-T-E-R.
     237   Det. Carrasquillo: And he went to one in November, as far as you know.
     238   Beilhart:          Yes.
     239   Det. Carrasquillo: But...
     240   Beilhart:          But, he went over with the owner. They drove over together.
     241   Agent Feola:       Bennetta.
     242   Det. Carrasquillo: Do you remember what day that was?

        FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                      Report No. 95-29158
        Offense: Death Investigation                              Date of Report: 03/12/97

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  243   Beilhart:            I...I'm terrible with dates.
  244   Det. Carrasquillo:   Getting back when the...the...David Slaughter called the meeting
  245                        and told all the employees about Lisa McPherson, do you remember what
  246                        date that was?
  247   Beilhart:            I know it was just right after her death.
  248   Det. Carrasquillo:   The day after? Immediately after? Or, was it a couple days?
  249   Beilhart:            Well, when was her death?
  250   Det. Carrasquillo:   The 5th of December.
  251   Beilhart:            Which...what day is that?
  252   Det. Carrasquillo:   Do you have a calendar around? 1995?
  253   Agent Feola:         My doesn't go back that far.
  254   Beilhart:            You just go back a day though. What was it the 5th of December?
  255   Det. Carrasquillo:   Mmmhmm.
  256   Beilhart:            So, it was on a Wednesday. Ahm...I...I don't know. I think it was the
  257                        same, I mean, the next day or the day following that.
  258   Det. Carrasquillo:   So it within two days?
  259   Beilhart:            Yeah, I would think so.
  260   Det. Carrasquillo:   And did they give any explanation as to what the cause of death was?
  261   Beilhart:            They didn't know.
  262   Det. Carrasquillo:   Okay. Let...I'm gonna ask you this and I probably already asked it
  263                        anyway, did you care for Lisa at all the South Fort Harrison during the
  264                        18th of November to the 5th of December 1995, or do you have any
  265                        knowledge of anyone that did?
  266   Beilhart:            No.
  267   Det. Carrasquillo:   You never went down to the church, 210 South Fort Harrison?
  268   Beilhart:            Well, I've been down there.
  269   Det. Carrasquillo:   Yeah, no...I mean, I'm talking with...between that time frame, November
  270                        18th - December 5th.
  271   Beilhart:            November 18th to December 5th. Well, I was working across the street at
  272                        Winter Wonderland, so I probably went across the street to go to the
  273                        bathroom.

          FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                      Report No. 95-29158
          Offense: Death Investigation                              Date of Report: 03/12/97
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   274    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. And when you went across the street did you happen to bump
   275                       into Lisa, or see Lisa.
   276    Beilhart:          Not at all.
   277    Det. Carrasquillo: And you don't know of anyone that went down there during that time?
   278    Beilhart:          No.
   279    Det. Carrasquillo: And you did not go specifically to take care of her?
   280    Beilhart:          That's correct. I did not.
   281    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Let me ask you this. How long have you been a Scientologist?
   282    Beilhart:          Since 1980.
   283    Det. Carrasquillo: So, are you above clear, or...
   284    Beilhart:          Clear.
   285    Det. Carrasquillo: You're're at clear. Do you know what the introspection run
   286                       down is?
   287    Beilhart:          No.
   288    Det. Carrasquillo: Never heard of it?
   289    Beilhart:          I could probably read about it, but I have no reference, no.
   290    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Did...did you attend Lisa as clear when she went clear? The
   291                       ceremony?
   292    Beilhart:          No, but, ahm, when she...they announced at work everybody clapped.
   293                       But, I didn't go to the Fort Harrison.
   294    Det. Carrasquillo: Again, back during the time frame of November 18th til December 5th, did
   295                       you have an occasion to drive Lisa to her apartment from the Fort
   296                       Harrison?
   297    Beilhart:          No.
   298    Det. Carrasquillo: Do you know of anyone who drove Lisa from her apartment to the Fort
   299                       Harrison?
   300    Beilhart:          No.
   301    Det. Carrasquillo: And we talked about the accident, you had no knowledge of her accident
   302                       until after.
   303    Beilhart:          That's correct.
   304    Det. Carrasquillo: And now we're talking about the Nelba, ah, in Orlando.

           FLOS2O300/Clearwater Police Department                    Report No. 95-29158
           Offense: Death Investigation                             Date of Report: 03/12/97
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  305      Beilhart:           Right. Okay.
  306      Det. Carrasquillo:  Did you have any contact with Lisa upon her return from that
  307                          convention?
  308      Beilhart:           Not that I can recall, no. Ahm, the only contact I think I did was I took
  309                          boxes out of her Jeep. She had, ahm, promotional pieces. And I took
  310                          some of the pieces out and put them in the office.
  311      Agent Feola:        You need to be real specific about that time. Was that when she got
  312                          back from Orlando?
  313      Beilhart:           Yes.
  314      Agent Feola:        Let me ask you this. Do you know of anyone, any individual who may
  315                          have borrowed her car while she was in Orlando? Or, did she drive?
  316      Beilhart:           I still don't know. All I know is that, ahm, I was working and then on,
  317                          ahm, I forgot who asked me to get some boxes out of Lisa's car.
  318      Agent Feola:        Was Sol Spencer there with you that day do you remember?
  319      Beilhart:           Yes, he was there at the time, yeah.
  320      Agent Feola:        Were they boxes about the convention type stuff....
  321      Beilhart:           Yeah. They were...
  322      Agent Feola: brochures, or what ever.
  323      Beilhart:           Yeah. Yeah. Basic with, you know, what we can offer, the products,
  324                          and stuff like that.
  325      Agent Feola:        So...
  326      Beilhart:           And....
  327      Agent Feola:        ...she in fact had her car in Orlando that week?
  328      Beilhart:           I have...all I know, I don't know. I don't know her went there or not. I
  329                          just know they...there was boxes in the back.
  330      Det. Carrasquillo:  Okay, but do you remember what day that was that it was...
  331      Beilhart:           It should have been right after the convention. So probably a Monday.
  332      Agent Feola:        Friday...does that ring a bell?
  333      Beilhart:           No. I thought...wouldn't it be the convention over the weekend...
  334      Agent Feola:        No, it was...
  335      Det. Carrasquillo:  She came back Friday.

        FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                       Report No. 95-29158
        Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
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   336  Agent Feola:       They left Wednesday and came back Friday.
   337  Beilhart:          Okay.
   338  Agent Feola:       And then Craig and them came back Saturday.
   339  Beilhart:          Okay.
   340  Agent Feola:       She came back a day early with Brenda. Do you remember seeing
   341                     Brenda there with her?
   342  Beilhart:          No.
   343  Agent Feola:       Okay.
   344  Beilhart:          Like I said, I was in the office and they just say, you know, they said,
   345                     Hey, I need some help. I forgot who it was. It could have been Sol.
   346                     Can you help me pull some boxes. And I said, Sure, and I did that
   347                     and then I went back to work.
   348  Agent Feola:       Okay.
   349  Beilhart:          I don't.. .I can't recall if it was Lisa or Brenda [INAUDIBLE]
   350  Agent Feola:       Okay.
   351  Det. Carrasquillo: So from your, ahm, statements so far don't recall ever seeing
   352                     Lisa suffer from any, ah, emotional problem?
   353  Beilhart:          Not at all.
   354  Det. Carrasquillo: What kind of person would you say she is? Or, was?
   355  Beilhart:          She was always really helpful to me. And she was like always, if I had,
   356                     ahm, how would I say....ahm, difficulty in, ahm, in the...with my job, in
   357                     telemarket... telemarketing, because I'd never done anything like that
   358                     before, ahm, maybe at lunch time I would mention or something, God,
   359                     I'm having a hard time with this, buh, buh, buh, buh, you know. She
   360                     would say what would....look at this [INAUDIBLE] and was a big helpful
   361                     to me. But, yeah, that would...that would handle that, you know, and
   362                     that would, you know. Other than that, that was about it. I mean, she
   363                     was really very, very helpful for me and I...I like, and liked her and I loved
   364                     her really because she, more than anybody else, really had an outgoing
   365                     personality to really help.
   366  Det. Carrasquillo: Right. Did you get a chance to talk to her Friday before, I'm sorry,

        FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                        Report No. 95-29158
        Offense: Death Investigation                                Date of Report: 03/12/97
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  367                      Wednesday before she left for the convention?
  368   Beilhart:          I wouldn't have, no, I don't know. I don't think so. If she was in the
  369                      office I might have said hi. Other than that, no. I mean it wasn't much.
  370   Det. Carrasquillo: What's your understanding of...of the circumstances surrounding her
  371                      death, now.
  372   Beilhart:          What I read in the paper. Basically, it's, ah, of...actually read that she
  373                      had an accident through the paper...a car accident and, ah, it was
  374                      like...and I knew that she had...she...when she died it was...everybody
  375                      wondered, ah, David Slaughter announced that passed away. And it
  376                      wasn't really...I think it was a shock for everybody. It was a shock for
  377                      me. It was like, WOW, totally out of the blue. I didn't even know she
  378                      was staying at the Fort Harrison, to tell you the truth.
  379   Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. And you didn't go down to, ah, Texas for the service?
  380   Beilhart:          No.
  381   Det. Carrasquillo: But, you did go to the one in Clear. ..ah, Fort Harrison?
  382   Beilhart:          Yes.
  383   Agent Feola:       Ah, a couple of questions, Tom. Ah, the Halloween party that you went
  384                      to, was in October of 1995 and you saw Lisa there on a
  385                      social...did you notice any odd or unusual behavior exhibited by her on...
  386   Beilhart:          I don't know.
  387   Agent Feola:       She was just her old normal self.
  388   Beilhart:          Yeah, I might have saw, you know, yeah, she was just real nice, happy.
  389   Agent Feola:       Okay. And you said that you were participating that year on the Winter
  390                      Wonderland project?
  391   Beilhart:          That's true.
  392   Agent Feola:       Did you participate or help in any fashion of obtaining or the, ahm...
  393   Det. Carrasquillo: Post...
  394   Agent Feola:       ...props, or did you...
  395   Beilhart:          Yeah, I worked on everything basically. Whatever they needed me to do
  396                      I helped build and....
  397   Agent Feola:       Do you recall a Saturday, perhaps, that maybe you spent at the

         FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                      Report No. 95-29158
         Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
         Page 14 of 16

  398                      warehouse on Jeffords, painting some of the props and, you know,
  399                      freshening up some of the stuff from the year before?
  400    Beilhart:         I spent some time at the warehouse, ahm, I'm trying to recall if Lisa was
  401                      there....
  402    Agent Feola:      Do you recall any days that Lisa was there with you? I know she was
  403                      really active in trying to raise money for it...
  404    Beilhart:         Right.
  405    Agent Feola:      ...and get donations.
  406    Beilhart:         Ahm, she was more like working towards that end, not so much well,
  407                      what...what I realize as physical work.
  408    Agent Feola:      Okay, do you recall ever being at the warehouse with Brenda, Katie, and
  409                      Bennetta working and painting on some of the...
  410    Beilhart:         I was with Bennetta one time and we were....I remember doing the big,
  411                      ahm, tarp, putting the tarp together. I can't recall...there was a bunch of
  412                      people there at that time with the tarp at that time. But, ah, I can't recall
  413                      exactly if Brenda was there. Katie I assume...ah, Katie was there on and
  414                      off...
  415    Agent Feola:      Popped in and out. Right?
  416    Beilhart:         Yeah. Ahm....she might have been. I don't know though.
  417    Agent Feola:      Okay. I just thought maybe if you knew that.
  418    Beilhart:         Yeah. No.
  419    Agent Feola:      Ahm...ahm...your attorney asked about the lunch, having...
  420    Beilhart:         Oh, yeah, we had...that was...
  421    Agent Feola:      That was during the time that you had a cook, I understand.
  422    Beilhart:         Yeah, that was....that was better.
  423    Agent Feola:      I think it was Michelle Smith. Was the cook...
  424    Beilhart:         No, the first person...the first cook was, ahm, was, ahm....the blonde
  425                      hair girl. I forget...
  426    Atty. Cacciatore: Kerns.
  427    Beilhart:         Yes...Peggy Kerns.
  428    Agent Feola:      Oh, Peggy.

         FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                       Report No. 95-29158
         Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
         Page 15 of 16

  429    Beilhart:          Peggy Kerns.
  430    Agent Feola:       Oh, okay.
  431    Beilhart:          She was the first...she was the cook when I came aboard and then, ahm,
  432                       Michelle Smith became a cook, but I don't think Lisa was there when
  433                       Michelle was cooking, I'm not sure when the...when the I started doing
  434                       that.
  435    Agent Feola:       I don't have any other questions, Jorge.
  436    Det. Carrasquillo: I have one, though. How many of your current employees are
  437                       Scientologist, that work with you?
  438    Beilhart:          As far as I know, everybody.
  439    Det. Carrasquillo: Everybody at your office is Scientologist.
  440    Beilhart:          Yeah.
  441    Det. Carrasquillo: Or part Scientologist.
  442    Beilhart:          Yeah.
  443    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
  444    Agent Feola:       Have they been, since you were hired February 1995, or do you know of
  445                       any time, Tommy, that there was someone employed there who was
  446                       non-Scientologist?
  447    Beilhart:          Ah, yeah, I'm sure they were.
  448    Agent Feola:       Prior to...
  449    Beilhart:          Yes.
  450    Agent Feola:       Okay.
  451    Beilhart:          There's been non-Scientologist there.
  452    Agent Feola:       Okay.
  453    Det. Carrasquillo: Prior to your arrival..95.
  454    Beilhart:          Oh, prior, I don't know because I didn't know. No. I don't know.
  455    Det. Carrasquillo: And since 95 there were some?
  456    Beilhart:          Yes.
  457    Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. But today they're.. .they're all Scientologist. To your knowledge.
  458    Beilhart:          Yeah. It's not really brought up to tell you the truth.
  459    Det. Carrasquillo: No problem. Okay. I have no additional questions and you're done with

          FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department                       Report No. 95-29158
          Offense: Death Investigation                               Date of Report: 03/12/97
          Page 16 of 16

    460                      questions. Well go ahead and terminate this interview at 1507 hours.

    OFC. REPORTING:_________________   ID NO:____ DATE:                   CASE STATUS: _____
    EXCEPTION TYPE: _______  DATE CLEARED:______ CLEARANCE TYPE _____      I. Extradition
    I. Arrest   2. AR of Prim. Offense, Secondary Offense. w/o Pros. Adult ___Juv ___ 3. Death of
    Offender       5. Prosecution Decl
    2. Exceptional       4. V/W Refused to Cooperate 6. Juv./No Custody
    3. Unfounded
    OFC. REVIEWING:__________________       DATE:_4-4-97_   SA INFO: _____