Interview with Kim Brennan

Date:February 28, 1997

SUPPLEMENT/CONTINUATION FL0520300 / Clearwater Police Department 
Report No. 95-29158                     Offense Death Investigation 
Date of Report 02/28/97                 Location 644 Pierce St. 
Orig Incident Date 12/06/95             Victim Lisa McPherson 
VI Prosecute Yes X No                   Investigator Det. J. Carrasquillo 
Previous Status Active Subject None Impound Inventory None 


Det. Carrasquillo: Today is February 28, 1997. The time is 1400 hours. This is an interview with Kim Brennan.
Ms. Brennan: Correct.
Det. Carrasquillo: Concerning the Lisa McPherson investigation. Present during the interview are myself Det. Carrasquillo and Agent Sharon Feola with the department, with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Kim, do you recall the Lisa McPherson incident?
Ms. Brennan: Yes I do.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Ah, it was on November 18, 1995. Would you tell me what you recall about that particular incident.
Ms. Brennan: Okay. Um, EMS had ah, brought in a patient to me in my area. Um, they had stated that it was this young woman was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident. Um, she had received treatment on the scene, and had pulled her car in front of the ambulance and a few, short time later, she came walking down the street naked towards the EMS personnel, stating that she um, needed to talk with somebody, and that she did not need her body at that time. EMS then proceeded to bring her to the unit, ah, take down some information and transport her to me at Morton Plant emergency department.
Agent Feola: Can I ask you what your title is and how long you've been a registered nurse?
Ms. Brennan: Actually I'm a paramedic. I'm currently in the registered nurse program which I'll be done with in December. And, I've been with Morton Plant emergency department since February of 94.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Continue.

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Ms. Brennan: Okay. Uh, when the patient was brought to me, um, she was placed into a bed and she was asked several questions. Um, I'd like to mention that uh, this patient kept her eyes closed. Her language was very monotone. She would open her eyes on command. She knew where she was at. She knew the day; she knew the year. Um, she had stated to me that she just wanted people to think that she was crazy, that's why she had walked naked. Um, she was just looking for attention and she did not want to be arrested. Um, at that time I completed a triage form which is a standard form that we fill out for anybody that walks into our emergency department either by EMS or by a walk-in. An, just asked her some basic questions about her mental status, previous medical history, all which she claimed had been negative. Um, she was naked so she was draped in a, in one of our gowns from EMS - they had given her a gown. Uh, like I stated, she kept her eyes closed, but she would open them on command when I had asked her to. She talked like this and she was very, very short with her answers and did not give any information unless I asked her a question. Um, at that time Dr. Lovett, our emergency physician who was on that night, he came over to the bedside and we had talked about what had happened with her. Um, he went ahead and spoke with her. I stood with him. He did a physical exam on the patient. Um, I couldn't give you the time frame but Dr. Lovett had suggested we have a psychiatric evaluation on her, since her behavior was inappropriate. At that time, there was one person at her bedside that came, I'd say about ten minutes after EMS brought her. Frequently with a Scientologist, they normally come in with a liaison. At that time one member of Scientology, the church of Scientology, was there. She had stated to me that this was against her religion, that psychiatric consult and evaluation. Dr. Lovett was made aware at that time. He. went ahead and spoke with this woman and still felt that her actions were inappropriate and she does need to be evaluated for her mental status.
Agent Feola: So, Lisa told you that specifically? She was the one that told you, I don't believe in it.

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Ms. Brennan: No. It was the liaison that was at the bedside. Um, she was wearing one of the blue standard Scientology shirts, that's why I assumed that she was a liaison.
Agent Feola: Did you know prior to that time that Lisa McPherson was a member of the church of Scientology?
Ms. Brennan: EMS personnel had told me that she was from the church of Scientology. Um, they went ahead and notified our psychiatric department. Um, next thing I knew there was another person at the bedside. Um, this person claimed to be part of the congregation he called it. Was very, very upset that we were going to do a psychiatric evaluation on her. Once again, told me that this was against their practices. Um, Dr. Lovett once again went to the bedside and took more time explaining to them that he needed to evaluate her status. I couldn't tell you when, as far as time frame goes, but there was a total of three people at the bedside. One she said was a friend. One man who was wearing dark clothing. I could not tell you his title. And, the Scientology liaison with the blue shirt on. They stood by her bedside. Um, Joe, from my psychiatric department - he's a registered nurse - came down to do an evaluation on her. Um, I believe they all stayed in the room with him at that time. After her completed his evaluation, um, he felt that she was at no threat to herself or to others, so basically she denied any suicidal or homicidal deviation. Um, I'm not sure who stated it. She did state to me that she wanted to go home with her friends. She wanted to go home with the friends of the congregation, I believe were her exact words. An, at that time, once again De. Lovett went to the bedside and believe he made a phone call to a physician um, since she was not homicidal or suicidal, she did not fit the criteria of the Baker Act. The people at the bedside claimed that they would watch her very closely and they would take care of any problems that she had and would treat her. Um, at that time I went ahead and I grabbed one of our standard AMA forms, which is a form that people sign out when they go against medical advice. She was going against medical advice cause they felt that she needed to have further evaluation and some one to talk with. I brought the form to her. She signed without any trouble. I felt it best to have the two people who were at her bedside to sign with her, so I had the woman with the light blue shirt and the.

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liaison sign, and the gentleman also sign as a witness, since they had said that they would watch her.
Agent Feola: Okay, Kim, so the two individuals that signed the release form - was the first woman that came in in the blue uniform who was you believe the medical liaison also.
Ms. Brennan: Yes. Frequently they have someone come in with them.
Agent Feola: And the first white male that showed up,
Ms. Brennan: Correct.
Agent Feola: Was also standing next to her bedside.
Ms. Brennan: Correct. They both went ahead and signed that form. We felt that it was best to do so at that time since they were taking full responsibility for her. Um, they signed the form. I believe someone had brought her some clothing and she left with those people from the church.
Det. Carrasquillo: Do you remember anything else off the top of your head about that incident?
Ms. Brennan: I remember that all I can really tell you is that they were very adamant. - They were very upset that we were going to have an evaluation done. Um, they were in the hall at one time speaking. We were very busy that evening so I had asked them to please go back towards the bedside or out towards the waiting room. Um, she um, didn't really give much information on her own. Like I said, she was very monotone, and when she spoke most of the time she had her eyes closed. But, like I said, she would open them when I had asked her to.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Is that what you recall from you know, just from your memory?
Ms. Brennan: Yes. That's just from memory.
Det. Carrasquillo: Before I start asking you specific questions, is there anything else - just search your mind for a moment - is there anything else that you might think is important that you forgot to mention at this time.
Ms. Brennan: Um, I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. I'm going to ask you some questions and then I'm sure Agent Feola will ask you some questions also.
Ms. Brennan: Okay.
Det. Carrasquillo: Test you a little bit on the beginning of the tape by how long have you worked at Morton Plant?

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Ms. Brennan: Um, for 3 1/2 - for 3 years.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. What I would like to know, is how many years of experience have you had at this particular profession.
Ms. Brennan: Okay. I was a firefighter paramedic over at New Port Richey Fire - Department about 2 1/2 years. I decided to go ahead and further myself as a registered nurse, so I got a job in the emergency room. This is my first job in an actual emergency room. Um, what can I tell you. Um, like I said, I've been continuing my education so...
Det. Carrasquillo: How many years have you been dealing with patients coming in and out of hospitals?
Ms. Brennan: Since about 1991.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. So you probably at that time had four years of experience.
Ms. Brennan: Correct.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. And three of those years were at Morton Plant.
Ms. Brennan: Yeah.
Det. Carrasquillo: Have you dealt with other Scientologists pertaining to hospitals?
Ms. Brennan: Yes. Yes.
Det. Carrasquillo: Was this a normal incident as compared to the other ones that you dealt with?
Ms. Brennan: No.
Det. Carrasquillo: What was the difference?
Ms. Brennan: Um, the difference was that I had never personally had a Scientologist come in for a psych evaluation and I've never had so much controversy with an individual. Now, when people from the church come in, they almost always, I have to say 99% of the time come in with what they call a medical liaison. Um, they very rarely come in on their own. This individual was brought on her own of course, from EMS, and like I said, there was so much controversy considering what was going on.
Det. Carrasquillo: What do you mean by controversy?
Ms. Brennan: Well, like I said they were very adamant that they did not want a psychiatric evaluation on her. They made it quite clear that was against their religious practices. And, um, basically, they did not leave her bedside and they were just, I guess, not very happy that an evaluation was going to be completed.

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Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. That would be the three individuals that you mentioned earlier.
Ms. Brennan: Yes. Yeah.
Det. Carrasquillo: Now, she told you that she was crazy, or that she took off her clothes.
Ms. Brennan: She said that she took off her clothes to make people think that she was crazy.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Did she elaborate on that? Did you expound on that in any way?
Ms. Brennan: I tried to. I tried to ask her some questions concerning, you know, do you feel like you were going to hurt yourself? She had stated no to me. Like I said, she would not answer any open ended questions. She was very closed.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Did you ask her if she was afraid? -
Ms. Brennan: I could not recall that I asked -her that specific question. I cannot say I actually asked her that.
Det. Carrasquillo: Did she give you the indication that she was afraid?
Ms. Brennan: Not to my knowledge, she did not.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. You said that there were - first there was one person, then two, then three around her bedside. Did the crowd ever get bigger than that?
Ms. Brennan: Uh, not that I had noticed. Um, we had about four patients in that particular area. I just recall that there was at least three at the bedside when I had her fill out the against medical advice form.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Would you describe - and I want you to physically describe the first person for me, that was at her bedside. The one you said had the blue blouse on, I believe.
Ms. Brennan: Yes. I believe she had ah blond hair, I believe it was pulled back. I recall that the light blue shirt and I believe navy pants.
Det. Carrasquillo: About how tall was she?
Ms. Brennan: Um, probably a woman I'm going to say probably in her mid-40's approximately 5'4, 5'5''. Ah, maybe a little on the heavy set side. Maybe about 160 pounds.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. She was a white female?
Ms. Brennan: Yes, she was.
Det. Carrasquillo: What about the second person? Can you physically describe the second person at that time?
Ms. Brennan: I'm afraid I cannot. I can tell you about the third individual because he was wearing all black and it was a man, a white male.

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Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
Ms. Brennan: Tall, thin male.
Det. Carrasquillo: When you say tall, can you...
Ms. Brennan: Probably about 6' - between 5'10" and 6'1" would be a good guess.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
Ms. Brennan: Like I said, he was wearing all black. I believe he had dark hair. Dark, short hair.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Just do the best you can. Can you visualize an age for him, or anything like that? If you can't, don't worry about it.
Ms. Brennan: Probably in his 30's, late 30's, early 40's as well. He looked younger than the woman.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Was he a white male, black male?
Ms. Brennan: White male.
Det. Carrasquillo: Was he heavy? Thin?
Ms. Brennan: He seemed to be on the thin side, from what I recall.
Det. Carrasquillo: And you remember nothing about the second person. Was it a male, was it a female?
Ms. Brennan: It was a female. But, I could not tell you a description. I believe that the two individuals came together and I would like to say there's a possibility there was more people outside cause like I had stated, at one time there was several of them in the hail.
Det. Carrasquillo: Are we saying beside these three at the bedside?
Ms. Brennan: That's a possibility. I do not recall any other people, but I do believe that one person had walked back and forth to the waiting area. I did not walk out to the waiting area. I was in the back.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.' Early on, Agent Feola asked you to identify a person who made a statement. I just want to make sure that we go that right.
Ms. Brennan: Okay.
Det. Carrasquillo: When you said, :She stated it was against her religion," you were - definitely talking about the first female with the blue blouse, and not Lisa.
Ms. Brennan: Yeah. Not Lisa. No, she did not say that to me.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Let me ask you a question. You were looking at Lisa. You were around the bedside when she was there, correct?

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Ms. Brennan: Yeah.
Det. Carrasquillo: And she had these two people around her - were they two on one side, one at the foot, how were they stationed?
Ms. Brennan: Well the way that particular area is set up, there is a like a shelf area - with drawers to the patient's right hand side. I believe two of them were standing leaning on that shelf towards the right hand side. I believe the - third person was towards her feet.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, so there were two on one side, and one at her feet. What kind of reaction did she have to these people being there?
Ms. Brennan: Um, I felt that the first person that came, she felt fairly comfortable. She had stated to me that that was her friend.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
Ms. Brennan: After the two other people had come by, I do not recall any chit chatter from the bedside. It was quite silent. I did not hear her speak with them herself. No, I did hear her speak with the first person. Um, when the first woman came in. But when there were two other individuals at the bedside, I did not hear her speak.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, then you were around the bed enough to notice any distinguishable difference between her talking to the first one, and then not talking at all when the other two arrived. - - -
Ms. Brennan: Yes. In that location where she was at, there was another bed close to that, which is right across it. There's no -
Det. Carrasquillo: Barrier
Ms. Brennan: Barrier, thank you, other than uh, maybe just a drape that comes by so you can hear chit chatter and I had gotten a new patient. I had discharged one at the bed next to her, so I was in that area quite a bit.
Det. Carrasquillo: What's the distance between where she was laying and I'm assuming the drape was pulled and closed? How far were you from her?
Ms. Brennan: Probably um, less than 15 feet. Because the room is quite small and the other bed that's next to it is probably about 25 feet.
Det. Carrasquillo: But when they spoke you could hear them. Did you hear them clearly?
Ms. Brennan: No, I could not. -
Det. Carrasquillo: But you could hear the noise.
Ms. Brennan: Yes I could.

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Det. Carrasquillo: And did - an attorney is probably going to ask you, how did you know Lisa was not talking to the other two people. Could you distinguish the voices?
Ms. Brennan: Well, all I could distinguish was the first female's voice, cause she seemed quite pleasant, and like I said, I happened to hear her talk when she first came in. I could not distinguish between the other two people's voices, other than a male versus a female.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. -
Ms. Brennan: But, I could distinguish Lisa's voice because of her para-language was very flat and monotone.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, and you didn't hear her at all when the other two arrived?
Ms. Brennan: I did not, no. I was walking in and out of the area quite a bit, because there are two other patients in the room behind them, which does have a wall separating it, with a door in the middle. So, I was not around all the time.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. You said Lisa stated she wanted to go home with the members?
Ms. Brennan: With her friends from the congregation. I know she used the word congregation.
Det. Carrasquillo: When was that statement made?
Ms. Brennan: I was at the bedside with Dr. Lovett when he spoke with these individuals - concerning uh, how he felt that she needed the evaluation. I believe Dr. Lovett had asked her directly. Okay, before the evaluation and once again, after the evaluation. After the evaluation, when I.brought the "against medical advice form" to her, she had stated it directly to me.
Det. Carrasquillo: So, how long had she been at the hospital at that point, do you remember roughly?
Ms. Brennan: Actually, probably not that long. Probably about two hours.
Det. Carrasquillo: So she had been there a while and these people were around her for awhile, also.
Ms. Brennan: Yes. Yes. Like I said, the first individual came probably ten minutes after she had arrived.
Det. Carrasquillo: Um hum.
Ms. Brennan: I could not tell you the time frame when the other two people arrived, but it wasn't in my mind, that long afterwards.

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Det. Carrasquillo: Who said that they would watch her and treat her?
Ms. Brennan: The gentleman and the woman with the blue shirt. -
Det. Carrasquillo: Which gentleman?
Ms. Brennan: The tall, thin man that was wearing the dark clothing.
Det. Carrasquillo: And, if I ever show you a picture of these individuals, can you identify them? -
Ms. Brennan: I would do my best.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Can you, I mean, do you have like their faces?
Ms. Brennan: Like- I said, the man I, I feel that I have his face; I know I have the woman's face in my mind.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, so the tall man and the woman in the blue blouse, a uniform,
Ms. Brennan: Correct.
Det. Carrasquillo: W&ll say uniform for brevity, they said that they would take her treat her and take care of her. -
Ms. Brennan: I believe their exact words to me were, "They would take care of her and they would watch her."
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, were they the same ones that signed the release form?
Ms. Brennan: Yes sir, they were.
Det. Carrasquillo: You saw the man sign the -release form?
Ms. Brennan: Yes, I did. I stood right there.
Det. Carrasquillo: And you saw the female sign the release form.
Ms. Brennan: Yes, I did.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
Ms. Brennan: That was done by me at the bedside.
Det. Carrasquillo: Who brought the clothing. You said somebody brought clothing in for her?
Ms. Brennan: Yeah. I don't - I could not tell you that was her clothing that she had taken off or new clothing, but I do recall that she had walked out with clothing.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
Ms. Brennan: And I do not recall uh, the ambulance personnel handing me any clothing.
Det. Carrasquillo: Did you get to see her walk out of the hospital?
Ms. Brennan: Yes, I did.

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Det. Carrasquillo: How many were there with her when she left?
Ms. Brennan: No, I saw her walk from the emergency room towards the exit. We have a double door. I could not tell you if there was many people outside that door. She had left with those three individuals that I had spoken with.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, when you say, inside, the triage.
Ms. Brennan: Actually, inside the emergency room. -
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, so you watched her walk out in the emergency room into the waiting area?
Ms. Brennan: Towards the waiting area.
Det. Carrasquillo: And then you lost sight of her?
Ms. Brennan: Correct. -
Det. Carrasquillo: So you actually did not see her physically walk out of the hospital.
Ms. Brennan: Correct.
Det. Carrasquillo: I don't have any more questions at this point in time, but I do want to show you some documents so when Agent Feola is done with her questions, we'll tum this off, I'll go get the documents, and then we'll put this back on.
Ms. Brennan: Okay.
Agent Feola: Kim, did you overhear any of the conversation other than Lisa? -
Ms. Brennan: No, I did not.
Agent Feola: Was there other conversation taking place? -
Ms. Brennan: Yes, there was.
Agent Feola: You didn't overhear any of the conversation? -
Ms. Brennan: No. I cannot tell you that I honestly did.
Agent Feola: Okay.
Ms. Brennan: Like I said, I can tell you they were out in the hall at one point and I had asked them if they would either wait in the waiting room or - (unintelligible) that's fine.
Agent Feola: Okay. Uh, the specific statement that she made about needing help.
Ms. Brennan: Um hm.
Agent Feola: Do you remember that statement exactly?
Ms. Brennan: Yes, I do.
Agent Feola: Could you state exactly what she said to you?

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Ms. Brennan: She had - like I said, she had said that she had taken her clothes off to make people think that she was crazy, and that she needed someone to talk with - was her exact words to me.
Agent Feola: When she made that statement to you, was she in this monotone, eyes closed.
Ms. Brennan: Eyes closed, like this, "I need help. I wanted people to think I was crazy.' And, that's when I had asked her, "Lisa, can you open your eyes for me? Yeah. -
Ms. Brennan: We have a standard triage form which we do vital signs on the patient, get medical history, also take lung sounds, things of that nature, and she cooperative towards me. And she only did things when I asked her to.
Agent Feola: Okay, your first observation of that, what was your observation of that? Kim, did you say to yourself, "She's been injured in an accident or there's something mentally wrong with her.'
Ms. Brennan: My first thought was, is that she was being very robotic like, that was my first thought.
Agent Feola: What did you think about that? In your own words, what do you think that means?
Ms. Brennan: I think that someone is um, odd. Someone has maybe a behavioral disorder, or having monotone language like that is not normal.
Agent Feola: Okay. Did you notice a difference between her behavior when you first had the occasion to interact with her by yourself and the behavior change in her attitude when these other individuals showed up?
Ms. Brennan: She was quiet after the individuals showed up, the two people, the man and the woman.
Agent Feola: Right.
Ms. Brennan: Other than that, her behavior did not change. She still spoke very monotone, but she did have her eyes open when I went to the -bedside to have her sign that form.
Agent Feola: Okay. This has been quite awhile since this incident took place. How can you, I mean, you have a very vivid recall of what happened. I mean, you probably see hundreds and hundreds of patients every year.
Ms. Brennan: It's ah, we don't have hundreds of people that come in naked from EMS. We don't have hundreds of people that come in in that type of frame, as

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far as being a Scientologist and her actions, and most importantly, the controversy that occurred from the church.
Agent Feola: Is your testimony been influenced in any way by anything you've either heard on the news, read in the paper, or been talked to, that you worked with on that evening?
Ms. Brennan: No Ma'am.
Agent Feola: Has anyone other than the police contacted you in any fashion?
Ms. Brennan: No, Ma'am.
Agent Feola: And is there anything else that you can think of? -
Ms. Brennan: Hmm, to the best of my recollection, that's what occurred.
Agent Feola: Okay. As far as her physical appearance.
Ms. Brennan: Um hm.
Agent Feola: How would you describe Lisa McPherson on that night, November 18, 1995.
Ms. Brennan: She looked ah, healthy; her skin was pink, warm and dry. Um, she was tearful when she came in so she was producing tears.
Agent Feola: She was crying?
Ms. Brennan: She was tearful. She had like you know, tears in the eyes, not actual crying. Um, she looked like a healthy young woman to me.
Agent Feola: Clean?
Ms. Brennan: Clean. Yes, clean. - -
Agent Feola: We don't know whether she was neat or orderly because she didn't have any clothing on.
Ms. Brennan: Right, but her hair was maintained. Her face was clean.
Det. Carrasquillo: Did you see her naked?
Ms. Brennan: Yes, I did.
Det. Carrasquillo: Did you see any bruises or any trauma, or anything on her?
Ms. Brennan: I did not. Um, in fact, we had, I had sat her up to listen to her lungs, and there was nothing noted.
Agent Feola: How about her weight? How tall would you say that she is?
Ms. Brennan: Um, she was actually pretty tall. I'd say, probably about 57".
Agent Feola: And as far as weight, would you categorize her as thin, thin-medium, medium build?
Ms. Brennan: I would say she was thin. She was thin for her size, but uh, I wouldn't consider her to be anorexic or...

Page 14

Agent Feola: Okay.
Ms. Brennan: Too thin.
Agent Feola: Could you, would you be in a position to perhaps give an idea...I mean you see people everyday naked, about how much she weighed at that time? -
Ms. Brennan: I would guess about 140 pounds. As a guess. Maybe between 130 and 140.
Agent Feola: Okay. -
Ms. Brennan: For her size frame. She does not have a small frame body.
Agent Feola: Right. Okay. Uh, I can't think of anything else.
Det. Carrasquillo: I want to show the documents, so let me go ahead and I want to stop this tape. It's almost at the end of side 1, so we'll just flip it over. The time is now 1426. -
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, we're on side 2 and it is 1430 hours. Kim, I want to show you a document which is the release form for the hospital - released against medical advice. Will you take a look at that?
Ms. Brennan: Yeah. I see my handwriting where I wrote in Dr. Lovett's name.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, and earlier on, you had mentioned that you saw a male and a female sign it. -
Ms. Brennan: I thought the man - I know the woman signed as the liaison and I thought the second signature I had received was from the man.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay.
Ms. Brennan: That's just what I remember in my head now.
Det. Carrasquillo: No problem, but as we can see now, there's two females.
Ms. Brennan: Yeah.
Agent Feola: We don't know that.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Well, there are two female names on the form. That could have been signed by a guy? But, it's two female names on the form, correct?
Ms. Brennan: Yes sir. It does look like two female names. -
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Let me show you two photographs. Will you tell me if you recognize any of these people as being at the side of the bed.
Ms. Brennan: Okay.
Det. Carrasquillo: At Lisa's bedside. -
Ms. Brennan: That looks like the gentleman that I was describing um, that was wearing dark clothing that night. That looks like him. Short, dark hair.

Page 15

Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Do you recall if he was at the bed side or not?
Ms. Brennan: Um, he does look like the gentleman that was at the bedside that night. I, I, like I said, he had short, dark hair, and approximately the same type of age bracket. I cannot tell you for sure that was him, but his features look like the gentleman that was at the bedside.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. That's fine. And you remember that gentleman to be tall or short?
Ms. Brennan: Uh, I thought he was tall. Now, I'm a fairly short person, so if you're above 5'5", you're tall in my opinion.
Det. Carrasquillo: How tall are you?
Ms. Brennan: I'm 5'4 1/2".
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. Let me show you a photograph of a female and you tell me if she was at the bedside.
Ms. Brennan: Hmmm.
Agent Feola: Or perhaps maybe someone else outside.
Ms. Brennan: She does look a little familiar. Maybe with the hair a little different. But, I cannot tell you for sure if that was the person at the bedside. I do not recall.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay. That's fine. Uh, is there anything else you want to cover? You know what we didn't do, Kim, that we should have done. For identification purposes, would you please spell your full name, your home address, date of birth, Social Security number? -
Ms. Brennan: Okay. My full name is Kimberly Marie Brennan. Uh, my birthdate is X. Have to think about it. Ah, my Social Security number is X. Um, my address is X and that's X.
Det. Carrasquillo: And would you spell your name for us so we make sure we've got it correctly.
Ms. Brennan: Yes. Kimberly-KIMBERLY MARIE BRENNAN.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, do you have any questions for her?
Agent Feola: An, like we talked about there was no one else present in the emergency room that night other than Joe Price, Dr. Lovett, or yourself. That - could offer information pertinent to this investigation.
Ms. Brennan: I don't believe anybody else had interaction with her other than the two people you had just stated and myself.

Page 16

Agent Feola: Was there a registered nurse on duty that night?
Ms. Brennan: Oh yeah.
Agent Feola: Do you recall who that was?
Ms. Brennan: We have several registered nurses on duty. Um,
Agent Feola: For that particular room or bed, or area.
Ms. Brennan: No, I could not recall that evening who it was. -
Agent Feola: Okay.
Det. Carrasquillo: Okay, the interview will be concluded at 1435 hours.

Ofc. Reporting Det. J. Carrasguillo Cs ID No. 630 Case Status - - Date Cleared ______________ Clearance Type Exception Type - 1. Arrest 1. Extradition declined 3. Death of Offender 2. Adult Juvenile 2. AR of primary offense, 4. V/W refused to cooperate 3. - Unfounded secondary offense, 5. Prosecution declined w/o prosecution 6. Juv/No Custody Ofc. Reviewing Date SAO Info