Investigative Report, Facts concerning being held against her will

Date:January 31, 1998


On February 3, 1998, SA Strope, in furtherance of the investigation into the death of Lisa McPherson, compiled information from the case file concerning Lisa's stay at the Ft. Harrison Hotel from November 18, 1995 to December 5, 1995.

A meeting that was attended at the Pinellas County State Attorney's Office (PCSAO) by SA Strope and Clearwater Police Department (CPD) Det. Sgt. Wayne Andrews resulted in a request that facts concerning the possibility that Lisa was held against her will be gleaned and written up in a report.

SA Strope and Det. Sgt. Andrews found the following references to Lisa's confinement at the Ft. Harrison Hotel:

On April 3, 1997, Laura Arrunada testified at deposition as a result of a SAO subpoena.

Ms. Arrunada said under oath (on page 42 of her deposition) that a security guard was posted outside of Lisa's room.

On March 18, 1997, Rita Boykin testified at a deposition as the result of a SAO subpoena.

Ms. Boykin testified under oath that the door to Lisa's room was kept locked. She said on page 79 of the transcript of her deposition