Sworn Statement of Anna Pendezini

Date:May 20, 1997







TAKEN BY:                  MARK MCGARRY. 

DATE:                      May 20, 1997. 

BEFORE:                    Kristine N. Blake, RMR, 
                           Notary Public, 
                           State of Florida at large. 

PLACE:                     Criminal Justice Center,
                           Clearwater, Florida. 

      TAMPA AIRPORT MARRIOTT - (813) 224-9500
   ST. PETERSBURG/CLEARWATER - (813) 821-3320

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                  Assistant State Attorney,
                  Attorney for State of Florida.

                  ROBERT P. POLLI, ESQUIRE,
                  Barnett Bank Plaza,
                  101 East Kennedy Boulevard,
                  Suite 3130,
                  Tampa, FL 33602.
                  Attorney for Leslie J. Woodcraft. 


                  SPECIAL AGENT LEE STROPE.

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ANNA PENDEZINI, the witness herein, having been first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

MR. POLLI: My name is Bob Polli. I represent Anna Pendezini, P-e-n-d-e-z-i-n-i, in this case. I've met with Anna, and for the record, she is from Italy. She speaks some English. I believe she's understandable. We just have to be patient with her. I've met with her on a couple of occasions now and spent five or six hours with her, I suppose.

I've explained what the subpoena was and I explained what her obligations are and her duties are under that subpoena, and that is to be truthful. And she understands the protections inherent in, Florida Statute 914.04. I believe she understands all those responsibilities and also the protection she gets from the subpoena, and she is prepared to go however slowly this needs to go in order to answer your questions.



Q. Okay. My name's Mark McGarry. I'm going to be asking you some questions --

A. Okay.

Q. -- about Lisa Mcpherson. First, would you state your name for the

page 4

record, please.

MR. POLLI: State your name.

THE WITNESS: Anna Pendezini.


Q. Okay. And your birth date?

A. X, 71.

Q. Okay. And how long have you lived in Clearwater?

A. Two years and I think three months, something like that.

Q. Okay. Where did you live before you lived in Clearwater?

A. In Italy, in X.

Q. Okay. Were you a member of the church in Italy?

A. Yeah. I was living -- two years ago, before I come here, I live two years in X, and then in X.



Q. Did you come to Clearwater because of the church?

A. Yeah.

Q. Where are you currently living, in the

page 5


A. In the Hacienda, yeah.

Q. Are you a member of the staff?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. What were your duties when you first came here?

A. What did you say?

Q. What were your duties with the church when you first came two years ago?

A. Duty?


MR. POLLI: Post.


Q. What was your job, post?

A. Before or when I come here?

Q. When you came here.

A. When you come here you -- I did a -- like -- you don't go like right away on post, so I did -- I was studying.

Q. Studying?

A. Like work, like -- work like cleaning, stuff like that for like three months.

Q. And what do you do now? What is your post now?

A. Now I'm worker in a course room, like where

page 6

people study, and they -- just to make sure that they don't know much material and they don't go lost. I get them -- like supply for them.

SERGEANT ANDREWS: I think she said course room.

THE WITNESS: Course room, yeah.

MR. POLLI: Course room. She gets supplies for them.



Q. Did you ever know Lisa McPherson prior to her being at the hotel?

A. No, never. I never saw her before that day.

Q. How did you meet Lisa McPherson?

A. Because -- was Friday night. I'm sure of that. There was this person, Gabby Sanchez, that she call me.

MR. POLLI: Slow down. Gabby Sanchez called you.

THE WITNESS: Yeah, on the phone, and she told me that I was supposed to come upstair and meet her in the office of -- what is the name?

MR. POLLI: Alain?

THE WITNESS: Kartuzinski, yeah. So I went there, and I stayed there like for five minutes.

page 7

That -- I went -- from what I understand, there was a Lisa. I didn't know her name. Also, one years ago I didn't talk very good English like I --

MR. MCGARRY: Like you do now?

MR. POLLI: It was worse then than it is now. (Whereupon, Examination was continued by Mr. Polli.) EXAMINATION


Q. Okay. Go back to Alain's office. When you got there, who was there, because we've talked about this.

A. Okay. Laura Arrunada.

Q. Laura Arrunada, A-r-r-u-n-a-d-a.

A. Gabby Sanchez.

Q. Gabby Sanchez?

A. Haydee. I don't know the last name.

Q. Haydee. And it's not spelled like you think it is. It's H-a-y-d-e-e, Cesare, C-e-s-a-r-e.

A. Valerie Demange -- no.

Q. Yeah, Valerie Demange.

A. Yeah, Valerie Demange and --

Q. You thought Kenya Smythe (phonetic.)

A. Kenya Smith, yeah.

Q. Kenya Smith.

page 8

A. And Sylvia Delavaga.

Q. Sylvia Delavaga. Patricia Stressner (phonetic?)

A. Patricia Stressner and Brian (sic) Landry.

Q. Brian (sic) Landry?

A. And-

MR. POLLI: This is at least three new names I didn't get before, but okay.


Q. But Alain wasn't there?

A. No, he wasn't there.

Q. Alain wasn't there, so Gabby ran the meeting. What did Gabby tell you?

A. To me, nothing. At that time nothing, because -- well, she explained the cycle, that there was this girl that was -- need to be watched, and then my first worry was about my post, because she just call me. She didn't say nothing to -- like --

Q. To your senior?

A. Yeah.

Q. Right. So she called you and said come but she didn't get that permission from your senior?

A. Yeah.

MR. MCGARRY: Who was her senior?

THE WITNESS: His name is --

page 9

MR. POLLI: Christine Owens is her senior.


Q. So you were worried that no one told Christine Owens that you were gone?

A. Yeah.

Q. And that's what you wanted to speak to Gabby about?

A. Yeah.

Q. Then what happened?

A. And then --

Q. Gabby said she would coordinate all that?

A. She said that. Anyway, then I went back on my post, and I decide to not come back until she was coordinate that, but they called me again, so I went back like in -- I think in half an hour.

Q. Okay. A half an hour you went back to Alain's office?

A. Yeah. And I think then Alain come and he start to. talk about -- about Lisa and --

Q. And what did he tell you about Lisa?

A. Well, I know that Sylvia was -- was telling him that sometime Liza -- Lisa or whatever telling about him speaking about him.

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Q. Okay. So Sylvia, during this meeting, told Alain that sometimes in the room Lisa would talk about Alain?

A. Yeah.

Q. And did she tell Alain what she was saying?

A. For what I know, that -- for what I understand, that she like Alain, and when I was with Lisa, I heard that a lot of time, too.

Q. That she said stuff about Alain?

A. Yeah.

Q. Like what?

A. She was saying like "Alain is not a secretary. He's not -- he's my auditor," something like that.

Q. "He's my auditor"?

A. Yeah. "He's a good auditor."

Q. He's a good auditor. Okay.

A. That's the only thing I can --

Q. Okay. Let's go back to what Alain told you.

A. To me, nothing, but to the group he said that it was like -- it was an experience but it wasn't bad experience, because --

Q. Okay. So he was telling you girls that going on this watch would be an experience but not a bad experience?

A. Yeah, something like that, because --

page 11

because -- I don't know why.

Q. Well, you told me because he said it would be a maturing experience.

A. Yeah.

Q. Maturing experience; is that right?

A. Yeah, because it was an experience to -- to stay with her.

Q. So it would help you -- you said -- you told me it was a maturing experience.

A. Maturing, yeah. That's right, yeah.

Q. Okay. That it would help you grow?

A. Yeah. And then I don't remember if he had -- I remember there was Valerie with the reference of how we can interact with a type three.

Q. So Valerie Demange is the one that told you that she was a type three? Valerie --

A. No. I was already told -- I was already told by Gabby Sanchez.

Q. Gabby Sanchez. Gabby Sanchez told you she was a type three. And did you know what that is?

A. Yeah.

Q. You knew what that was?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. What did Valerie tell you?

A. I don't remember if she tell it to me, but

page 12

she had some reference about type three, and I think she was like to tell somebody all what you have to do with her.

Q. Okay. Valerie has a reference, a piece of reading material --

A. Yeah.

Q. -- about type three?

A. Yeah.

Q. And that reference told you what to do on the watch?

A. Yeah. Anyway, I didn't read it, but --

Q. You didn't read it, but did Valerie tell you about it?

A. Yeah.

Q. What did she tell you?

A. No. The only thing that I get and I already know that you don't have to talk with her.

Q. Okay.

A. Because she got restimulated.

Q. She's over stimulated, so you shouldn't talk to her?

A. Yeah. Like don't talk with me, not like communicate with her, like just don't --

Q. Not through your mouth but you can point to things?

page 13

A. Yeah, yeah.

Q. Okay. What else?

A. Then we went there, and when we went there they --

Q. Went where?

A. Oh, sorry. Before we went to security.

Q. Before you went to the Cabana, you went to security?

A. Yeah.

Q. And who did you go with?

A. There was --

Q. You and Patricia went to security?

A. Me and Patricia, yeah. We decided me and Patricia was going to do watch that night. And then --

Q. And who did you see at security?

A. I think it was P.K., and there was another guy.

Q. P.K., P period, K period.

A. And there was another guy.

Q. But you can't remember?

A. The name?

Q. Yeah.

A. No.

Q. Okay.

A. But I think it was --

page 14

Q. Well, what did P.K. tell you?

A. He said to make attention that we wasn't supposed to wear a tag or pen.

Q. He said to pay attention, that you shouldn't have your tag on your shirt or your pen in your pocket?

A. Yeah.

Q. Why?

A. Because what's happened to Barbro is that Lisa took.her pen and she was trying to pinch into her eyes or --

Q. Okay. So what happened to Barbro, B-a-r-b-r-o, was that Lisa took her pen and tried to poke her in her eyes with the pen, right?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay.

A. And then -- well, then after this, they ask me if I was worried about the cycle, like have any problem.

Q. Problems. Do you have any problems with doing the cycle P.K~ asked?

A. Right. And I say no. Have any problem, like feel bad, yeah.

Q. And you said no, you were ready to do the watch?

A. Yeah. I mean --

page 15

Q. And then what happened?

A. And then we went there, but --

Q. Okay. Stop. Who went with you to the Cabana?, Who walked with you?

A. It was Patricia.

Q. And?

A. And I think P.K.

Q. P.K. walked you to the Cabana?

A. And I don't remember if there was another security guy.

Q. But you didn't go to the Cabana?

A. No. We went --

Q. You stopped at where?

A. There was a room near the other room.

Q. Housekeeping?

A. And we went -- yeah, in housekeeping, and then we talked with -- there was Barbro and Heather.

Q. Barbro and Heather. And you told me before Sam Ghiora.

A. Sam Ghiora was outside of the door to do watch. Yeah. Sometimes he was come inside, sometime no.

Q. Inside the room or --

A. Inside the room where I was --

Q. -- in housekeeping?

page 16

A. -- in housekeeping, because when we went there, we got some like debrief of what she was doing to make attention.

Q. So the girls that were in the housekeeping room talked to you about what to expect inside the Cabana?

A. Yeah.

Q. All right. What did they tell you?

A. To -- to make attention when she was going to bathroom, because sometime she -- she went in the bathroom and she closed the door, and it's a little dangerous.

Q. Okay.

A. To make attention that she don't go near the window, because she want to try to broken the window.

Q. She was trying to break the window?

A. And she would -- like don't have anything that she can take and she can -- because maybe she would try to do something, like damage, something like that.

Q. Okay.

A. And then -- that's it.

Q. Okay. What about the door? Now, you've talked in the -- you've talked in the housekeeping room, and now it's time for you to go into the Cabana.

page 17

Was the door locked or unlocked?

A. I don't remember.

Q. We talked about that. Can you remember? How'd you get in?

A. I think, because I remember sometime was locked, sometimes was open.

Q. Sometimes it was locked, sometimes it was open? Well, how did you get in the first time?

A. I think it was open, because Patricia come inside before me.

Q. Patricia went in before you?

A. Yeah.

Q. And she just walked in?

A. Yeah. We walked in. We were together. She was first, then me.

Q. Okay. So the security guy didn't open the door for you or --

A. I remember that one time he did.

Q. Okay. One time?

A. But I don't remember if it was that time or other time, because I know sometime was locked, sometime was open, I think.

Q. Okay. All right. And who was outside the Cabana?

A. Sam Ghiora.

page 18

Q. Sam Ghiora --

A. Yeah.

Q. -- was the guard outside the Cabana. And who was inside the room when you and Patricia --

A. Rita.

Q. Rita Boykin?

A. Rita Boykin, yeah, that's it.

Q. And did she leave before you and Patricia came in?

A. Yeah.

Q. Was there anybody else in the room when you walked in besides Rita and Lisa, of course?

A. No.

MR. POLLI: Okay. I'm sorry.

MR. MCGARRY: No. You might as well continue what you're doing, because you've obviously spent a lot more time with her than we have, and if you want to outline it through this line of questioning --

MR. POLLI: Okay.

MR. MCGARRY: -- and then we will -- if you don't mind, if you guys want to do this, and then we can jump in.

SERGEANT ANDREWS: Yeah. We'll ask some questions.

page 19

MR. MCGARRY: Because this is agonizingly difficult I can see, but --


Q. We think this is Friday November 24th?

A. I'm sure.

Q. It's a Friday? You thought it was Friday?

A. It is Friday, I'm sure.

Q. Okay. You're sure it's Friday?

A. That's the only day -- the other day --

Q. Okay. You know it's the Friday, and we think it's the 24th, and you thought that you got there at about what time?

A. 10:30.

Q. 10:30. All right.


MR. POLLI: Yeah, 10:30 p.m.


Q. So you and Patricia went on watch at 10:30 p.m., and Rita Boykin was there by herself when you got there?

A. Yeah.

Q. Don't bite your fingernails, and you have to speak up so she can see your mouth.

A. Okay.

MR. MCGARRY: Now, does she recall

page 20

seeing Janice -- Janice during this period of time?


Q. Yeah. Did you see Janice Johnson --

A. Yeah.

Q. -- in the room while you were there?

A. Yeah.

Q. Janice came, okay, sometime. What did -- what did Janice do there?

A. She -- she come about, I think, two hour after we was there, and then --

Q. Okay. You were there for about two hours --

A. Yeah.

Q. -- and then Janice came?,

A. Yeah.

Q. How long did Janice stay?

A. I think 20 minutes or half an hour.

Q. Twenty minutes or half an hour. What did she do while she was there?

A. I think she -- she -- I remember that she -- she change her clothes. We change together, because

Q. The three of you changed Janice's clothes?

A. Yeah.

MR. MCGARRY: Lisa's clothes.


Q. Lisa's clothes.

page 21

A. Yeah, Lisa's clothes.

Q. Lisa's clothes.

SERGEANT ANDREWS: It's okay. We understand.


Q. All right. Why did you change her clothes?

A. Because I think she -- she --

Q. Did she go to the bathroom in her pants?

A. She didn't have pants.

Q. She didn't have pants. Okay.

A. She have only --

Q. A T-shirt?

A. Yeah. Yeah, it was wet. I think was wet.

Q. Wet?

A. I don't remember if it was water or something else, but we change her.

Q. So Janice came, and while she was there, she helped you change Lisa?

A. Yeah.

Q. What else?

A. She give her vitamin.

Q. She gave her a vitamin? How do you know it was a vitamin?

A. Because I think I saw it.

Q. Okay. What else did she do?

page 22

A. I think she give her orange juice. I don't remember if it was water or orange juice. I remember

Q. Orange juice or water she gave her?

A. Yeah.

Q. And then what? Then Janice left?

A. Almost, yeah.

Q. Okay. Did Janice give her a shot? Do you know what a shot is?

A. No.

Q. With a needle?

A. No.

Q. No? Did Janice take her temperature?

A. No.

Q. All right.

A. I don't remember. I don't think so.

Q. All right. While you were in there from eleven --.10:30 or eleven p.m. until the next morning at five a.m., we decided, tell --

A. What happened.

Q. -- tell us what happened, what Lisa did.

A. That -- well, when we come inside there, she was -- she was -- she wasn't tranquil. She was --

Q. She was not tranquil, she was agitated?

A. Yeah. And then she -- she walk out of the

page 23

bed and she start -- she was trying to go into the window, so Patricia put herself in front of Lisa, and Lisa -- I think -- she was very, very upset for something. I don't know, and then she start to talking like a song.. I don't know which song it was.

Q. She started to sing a song?

A. Yeah. And then also something -- I don't know if at that particular time, but it was like two persons that was talking. She was talking.

Q. She was both persons?

A. Yeah.

Q. She'd say something and she'd answer it herself?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did she hit you?

A. Just one time, because I went -- because usually Patricia was in front of her, and I went near Patricia and she just give me a -- what it called?

Q. Kick?

A. Kick.

Q. How about Patricia, did she hit Patricia?

A. I think so, because when -- when she was going down trying to go near the window, Patricia was in front of her, so she was doing -- yeah.

Q. Hit her?

page 24

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. What about Lisa hitting the walls, punching the walls?

A. Yeah. There was -- she was doing that, and she was like -- she has a blanket sometime, and she was putting like -- like eating the blanket.

Q. She was eating the blanket?

A. Not eating but just keeping like this (indicating.)

Q. Like sucking her thumb?

A. Yeah. And she was giving punch on the wall.

Q. Say that again.

A. This one on the wall.

Q. She was punching the wall?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay.

A. And then when she was in the bed, she was starting to -- to like speak very, very hard, and she was -- on the bed she was doing like this (indicating.)

Q. Jumping on the bed?

A. Yeah. On the last thing -- on the bed there was a thing like this (indicating.)

Q. A headboard?

A. Yeah. And she was moving on the wall, and so Patricia went on -- went on her to try to keep her

page 25

tranquil, and so she become little bit more tranquil, and then --

Q. Okay. Other than -- other than the food that Janice -- the juice, orange juice or the water that Janice gave her or the vitamins, did she have anything to eat, food that she ate while you were there?

A. At that particular time she didn't give food, but I saw some food on the shelf. But I don't know what happened with that food.

Q. Did you give -- did you give her any of that food?

A. Me? No.

Q. Right.

A. That day, no.

Q. Okay. Was that the end of the watch, then, at five o'clock in the morning?

A. Yeah. I left about five o'clock in the morning.

Q. Okay. What did you do then?

MR. MCGARRY: Does she know Dr. Broughton -- Houghton?


Q. Do you know Dr. Houghton, the dentist?

A. Who?

Q. Dr. Houghton.

page 26

A. I never saw, no.

Q. No.

A. I didn't even know that was in this cycle.

Q. You didn't know about Dr. Houghton?

A. No.

MR. MCGARRY: Okay. Because he was in there a couple times.



Q. He wasn't there. Okay. What did you do at five a.m.? Did you go sleep?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did you write a report?

A. No. They didn't ask me.

Q. They didn't ask you to write a report, so you didn't write a report?

A. No. I didn't write, anything.

Q. What about, this next day, November 25th, which is Saturday, did you get a telephone call?

A. Well, they asked me to go in the afternoon.

Q. Who asked you?

A. Ryan Landry.

Q. Ryan Landry called and, told you Gabby wanted you to-

page 27

A. Yeah.

Q. -- wanted you to be at the --

A. Yeah.

Q. -- Cabana at what time?

A. Well, it was -- they called me about one o'clock. Of course, they wanted me to go right now, right away.

Q. Okay. They called you at one o'clock p.m., and they wanted you to go right away, but you didn't do that?

A. Yeah.

Q. You went instead at what time, eleven o'clock at night?

A. Yeah.

Q. Eleven p.m. at night. Who did you replace? This has changed a bunch of times, too. Remember, you thought it was Sylvia Delavaga?

A. Yeah.

Q. You think so? This is the next night, Saturday night at eleven p.m. Okay. Maybe this will help you remember. Who did you go with? Who was there with --

A. It was Laura. I'm sure it was Laura.

Q. Laura Arrunada was there with you?

A. I think it was Sylvia. I'm not sure.

page 28

Q. Okay. You think Sylvia was in the room and you replaced Sylvia?

A. Uh-huh.

Q. How was -- was Janice there that night --

A. No.

Q. -- on Saturday? You didn't see Janice?

A. No.

Q. Did you see Dr. Houghton?

A. Who?

Q. Dr. Houghton, the dentist.

A. No, I never saw him.

Q. How about Alain, did Alain ever come while you were there?

A. No, never.

Q. Alain never came when you were there?

A. Maybe Janice come again that night.

Q. Maybe Janice came again that night?

A. Yeah. I think she come again or maybe not, because what Janice do the first night --

Q. Yeah.

A. -- Laura did, like Laura was giving to her to -- not to eat but was like orange juice.

Q. Okay. That was what you told me the last time we talked about it. You told me Laura gave her orange juice and vitamins.

page 29

A. Yeah.

Q. Did you see Laura give her a shot?

A. A shot. What is a shot?

Q. An injection with the needle, a shot.

A. No. I never saw --

Q. Nobody gave her that? Okay. How was Lisa's behavior this time?

A. Huh?

Q. How was Lisa behaving on the Saturday?

A. What is --

Q. How was she acting?

A. She was -- she was active but a little bit -- not so much like the day before.

Q. Okay. She was calmer than she was the day before?

A. Yeah.

Q. She was not as active as she was --

A. Yeah..

Q. -- the day before?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did she hit you? On this day did she hit you?

A. I don't think so.

Q. Okay. Did she hit Laura?

A. No. Just sometime when -- no, I don't think

page 30

so. I don't know.

Q. Okay. How was she dressed this day? Remember, you told us on Friday she just had a T-shirt on. How was, she dressed on Saturday?

A. Well, she have a T-shirt.

Q. Same thing?

A. Yeah. I don't know if it was the same.

Q. What about shoes, did she have shoes on?

A. I never saw it, actually.

Q. Okay. Never saw whether she had shoes on or not?

A. No. I don't think so, because she was a lot of time on the bed, so --

Q. She was in the bath or in bed?

A. In the bed. She never had shoes.

Q. How about if she wanted to go out of the room, what would you do?

A. Actually, I don't know.

Q. Did she ever want to go out of the room? Let's talk about this day, Saturday. Did she say, "I want to go out of the room"?

A. No, she didn't say that.

Q. How about Friday, did she say, "I want to go out of the room"? The day before.

A. No.

page 31

Q. Okay. What time did you get done with your watch on Saturday?

A. On Saturday was in the after -- no, that day was in the night, too, also.

Q. Okay. You told me before you got done about five o'clock in the morning again.

A. No. I left at five o'clock in the morning this day.

Q. On Friday, right.

A. And then I come here at nine -- it wasn't five o'clock. It was in the night, like nine or ten.

Q. You got there at nine or ten?

A. Yeah.

Q. Right. Well, you told me eleven p.m. before, but -- okay. You got there at nine.

A. Maybe it can be. I don't know.

Q. That's okay. You think you got there late in the evening, though?

A. Yeah. I know that was night.

Q. What time did you get done, early in the morning?

A. Yeah. Actually I was --

Q. Okay. Early in the morning. And then what did you do, go to sleep?

A. Yes.

page 32

Q. And did you write a report about any of this?

A. No.

Q. Did you go talk to somebody about it?

A. When I went -- let me see. No, I don't think so, no.

Q. All right. Did you see anybody else write a report? When you were there on Friday with --

A. No.

Q. -- Patricia, did she write a report?

A. I don't know if she did --

Q. Okay. What about --

A. -- because I left only that to her.

Q. Okay. What about Saturday, did Laura write a report? Did you see her write a report?

A. I don't know.

Q. Okay. Now, you went back to your room and slept, and the next day was Sunday, and you told me before. you were off on Sunday.

A. Uh-huh.

Q. So you did not go to the Cabana on Sunday?

A. Yeah.

Q. Yeah? No, you did not go to the Cabana?

A. I didn't went, yeah.

Q. You didn't went. Okay. Then the next time we talked about was

page 33

Monday, November 27th.

A. Uh-huh.

Q. What time do you think you got there on Monday?

A. I know that was in the afternoon.

Q. In the afternoon. How did you know to go? Who contacted you?

A. I don't know.

Q. All right. But somebody told you you needed to go to the Cabana?

A. Well, I think was -- I'm sure it was already Gabby and Brian (sic) Landry was the same person.

Q. Okay. So Brian (sic) Landry or Gabby got ahold of you and said go back to the room on Monday, November 27th. What time did you get there, do you think?

A. It was in the afternoon.

Q. All right. In the afternoon?

A. Yeah.

Q. And who was there when you got there?

A. Sylvia.

Q. Who did you replace?

A. Val -- actually, Valerie.

Q. Yeah, Valerie. See how we went around and around about that before? You replaced Valerie

page 34


A. Yeah.

Q. And then you were there for awhile by yourself, and then who came?

A. It was Sylvia, because --

Q. Then Sylvia Delavaga?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. And then you were there until when?

A. Until night.

Q. Until --

A. Night. It was like 11 or 12.

Q. All right. Midnight. And who came so you could go?

A. I think it was again Valerie.

Q. All right. Valerie Demange came back and you left?

A. (Nodding head.)

Q. Did Sylvia stay or did she come back -- did she leave with you at midnight?

A. I think she stayed, because she come --

Q. She, stayed?

A. -- later than me.

Q. During this time on Monday, did you feed or did you see Lisa eat anything?

A. No.

page 35

Q. Drink anything?

A. Oh, well, I know they was going to give vitamin to her. She was taking the water or orange juice. The only thing that I saw her eat was orange juice. I didn't see anything else.

Q. Orange juice or oranges, peeled oranges?

A. Orange juice is like in a cup.

Q. Right. That's what you saw her drink, orange juice, or an orange?

A. No, no, no, orange juice --

Q. Orange juice?

A. -- in a cup.

Q. How was she acting on Monday?

A. With Sylvia she was tranquil.

Q. She was very good with Sylvia, calm withSylvia?

A. Yeah, also with Valerie.

Q. Okay.

A. She was very calm and she was --when I come there, I was told that she was sleeping.

Q. Okay.

A. Then when I come there, she was on the bed and she was talking, but talking very tranquil like -- no, like -- yeah, she was tranquil. She was talking tranquil.

page 36

Q. Was she making any sense?

A. No, nothing. I mean, I don't think so.

Q. Okay. You were there from the afternoon, three p.m. until midnight?

A. Uh-huh.

Q. Did you eat?

A. Me?

Q. Yeah.

A. Yeah, I eat.

Q. How did you eat?

A. Because somebody brought food for me.

Q. How did they know to do that?

A. How did they know?

Q. How did they know to bring you food? Did you ask?

A. No. They just brought.

Q. Did you talk to anybody outside, security people?

A. I don't know if I asked the security guys, but-

Q. Okay. Did you eat in front of Lisa?

A. No.

Q. Where did you eat?

A. They told me to go outside. I went outside.

Q. Okay. So you ate outside?

page 37

A. Yeah.

Q. When they brought that food, did they bring food for Lisa or not?

A. That food, no, but I know there was -- the only -- no, because the only thing I remember, she was eating just orange juice. I don't know why.

Q. Okay. But you didn't try to feed her anything?

A. Huh?

Q. You didn't try to feed her anything? You didn't try to feed Lisa anything?

A. No. I remember one time I give to her some orange juice and vitamin.

Q. So you gave her some orange juice and a vitamin?

A. Yeah.

Q. And she took the vitamin?

A. Yeah. Sometime she took it, sometime she put it away.

Q. She spit it away?

A. Yeah.

Q. How about Janice Johnson, did she come on this day, Monday?

A. I don't think so.

MR. MCGARRY: Dr. Houghton?

page 38


Q. Dr. Houghton, did he come?

A. No, he never come. I never saw him.

Q. You never saw him there?

A. I didn't even know he was in that cycle.

MR. POLLI: Okay. What am I missing, anything? Oh, yeah.


Q. I didn't ask you these questions. Did she have any -- this is going to take something. Did she have any bruises? Remember we talked about black and blue?

A. Yeah, she have some.

Q. Where?

A. She have -- something like on here (indicating,) here (indicating.)

Q. On her arms?

A. Yeah.

Q. What about her legs?

A. I think also, yeah.

Q. Okay. And was she -- how was she acting on this last day as far as -- we talked about on Friday and Saturday she -- she punched the walls and --

A. Yeah.

Q. Was she still doing that on Monday, the 27th?

page 39

A. Just sometime, just -- because when I come there, she was more tranquil. Then when become night, she was a little bit nervous, but just a little bit. Sometime she was talking with herself -- with herself. She start to be upset, and then she was like (indicating.)

Q. And then she would start to hit?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay.

A. Not like continually.

Q. Just every once in a while?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. And then your shift ended. What did you do then? Did you write a report?

A. No, I never write --

Q. Never wrote a report on any of these days?

A. (Nodding head.)

Q. And even if these days are the wrong days -- you thought one time there might have been one more time, but you couldn't remember -- did you ever write a report?

A. No.

Q. Okay.

A. The only thing is that -- that day, because P.K. was this day, when I went back on my boss, P.K.

page 40

asked me how she was doing, and that's it.

Q. Okay. So you don't think you wrote a report, but on the 27th, when you went back to your post, P.K. came to visit you at your post and ask you how you things were going?

A. She saw me, so she -- he asked me.

Q. He saw you?

A. Yeah.

Q. He just saw you, so he asked you?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did you have anything else to do with Lisa --

A. After that day, no.

Q. -- after that day? Okay. Did you go to a meeting at the fifth floor of the Coachman --

A. No.

Q. -- building on December 5th?

A. No. I think they forgot about me.

Q. They forgot about you?

A. I think they did.

Q. So you didn't go. Did -- and you didn't write a report that last day because you didn't go, correct?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. But somebody got ahold of you the next

page 41

day, on December 6th, about isolation and quarantine, right?

A. Yeah.

Q. Who was that?

A. It was -- I think was Monica.

Q. Monica?

A. Goodrew.

Q. And she told you what?

A. She come one o'clock in the night and she told me to go in the office and sit in there, so I went there, and then she say -- I didn't understand what's happened. I didn't know. I sat like ten minutes and then I went back to -- they say to go back to sleep. Then she come back around six o'clock -- five o'clock in the morning, something like that, and she told me to come back -- to go in the security office, so I went back in the security office, and they told me that this girl was dead and she have an infective -- no, there maybe was infective, so we was supposed to go in like quarantine.

Q. A quarantine, okay. So did you do that?

A. Yeah.

Q. Stayed in quarantine?.

A. Two days.

Q. I didn't ask you this, but when you talked to

page 42

P.K. after your shift on Monday --

A. Uh-huh.

Q. -- what did you tell him?

A. That -- that that particular day she was -- he asked me how she was doing, and I said that she was doing very better. That was true.

Q. She was doing very better. Did you say that she ate anything or drank anything?

A. I think he asked me, and I think I said she drink only orange juice.

Q. Orange juice? Okay. Have you talked about your testimony here today, what we're doing here today -- did you talk to anybody else but me about what we're doing here today? Who else have you talked to about this besides me?

A. That I was coming here?

Q. No, about what we're talking about.

A. Yeah. Two other lawyer.

Q. Two other lawyers?

A. Yeah. I don't remember the name, and then --

Q. I'm going to have to put this on the record, too, because -- are you the one that described Lee as the big bald fat guy and he was with a skinny sick looking guy with dark hair? It would be Sandy and Lee.

page 43

. SPECIAL AGENT STROPE: With a dark suit on.


Q. Anyway, yeah. Sandy and Lee talked with -- actually it was Sandy and a woman, Laura.

A. Yeah.

Q. Haydee Cesare was the woman described.

A. It was a woman and a man.

Q. A woman and a man. Laura Vaughn, who is Sandy Weinberg's clerk.

MR. POLLI: Okay. Have at it guys.

SERGEANT ANDREWS: I just have one or two.

MR. MCGARRY: Oh, great.

SERGEANT ANDREWS: It's not gonna be much. Bob, do you know when that meeting was? I'm just curious when that meeting with Sandy and Laura was.

MR. POLLI: I didn't ask you that.


Q. When did you meet with the two lawyers? It was before me..

A. A lot before.

Q. A couple months before maybe?

page 44

A. Yeah, one or two months.


Q. And the other question I just had was on any of the watches when you were here (indicating) --

A. Yeah.

Q. -- here (indicating,) here (indicating,) you did not write a report?

A. I never write a report.

Q. Okay. Did you see anyone write a report?

A. No, and -- no, never. I never -- they never think about, no. I never saw anybody else write.

SERGEANT ANDREWS: Okay. That was my only question.

SPECIAL AGENT STROPE: I have maybe just eight or ten questions.


Q. The only question I have is who was -- is it Brian Landry or Ryan Landry?

MR. POLLI: Is it Brian or Ryan?


MR. POLLI: Ryan.


Q. Did he have anything to do with this watch?

page 45

A. I think he never went to do watch.

Q. He never went?

A. He was like Gabby, he organize, like Gabby to organize, but he never went.

Q. Did Alain Kartuzinski come to the room during these days?

A. I never saw him, no.


(Whereupon, sworn statement was concluded.)

page 46

STATE OF FLORIDA           )

     I, the undersigned authority, certify that
ANNA PENDEZINI personally appeared before me and was
duly sworn. 

     WITNESS my hand and official seal this 5th day of
June, 1997.

             KRISTINE M. BLAKE, RNR,
             Notary Public - State of Florida,
             My Commission No. CC523799,
             Expires: 2-21-00. 

             [Notary Seal]

page 47

STATE OF FLORIDA           )

     I, Kristine M. Blake, Registered Professional
Reporter, certify that I was authorized to and did
stenographically report the sworn statement of
ANNA PENDEZINI; that a review of the transcript was
not requested; and that the transcript is a true and
complete record of my stenographic notes.

     I further certify that I am not a relative,
employee, attorney, or counsel of any of the parties,
nor am I a relative or employee of any of the parties'
attorney or counsel connected with the action, nor am I
financially interested in the action.

     DATED this 5th day of June, 1997.

             KRISTINE M. BLAKE, RNR,
             Notary Public - State of Florida,
             My Commission No. CC523799,
             Expires: 2-21-00. 

             [Notary Seal]

page 49

STATE OF FLORIDA           )

     I, Kristine M. Blake, Registered Professional
Reporter, certify that I was authorized to and did
stenographically report the sworn statement of
ALICE VANGRONDELLE; that a review of the transcript was
not requested; and that the transcript is a true and
complete record of my stenographic notes.

     I further certify that I am not a relative,
employee, attorney, or counsel of any of the parties,
nor am I a relative or employee of any of the parties'
attorney or counsel connected with the action, nor am I
financially interested in the action.

     DATED this 5th day of June, 1997.

             KRISTINE M. BLAKE, RNR,
             Notary Public - State of Florida,
             My Commission No. CC523799,
             Expires: 2-21-00. 

             [Notary Seal]