Sworn Statement of Teresa Haydee Cezare

Date:May 27, 1997




DATE:                      May 27, 1997, 9:05 A.M.

BEFORE:                    Donna M. Kanabay, RPR, RMR
                           Notary Public, Court Reporter. 

PLACE:                     State Attorney's Office
                           Criminal Justice Center
                           Clearwater, Florida

                           Assistant State Attorney
                           Attorney for State of Florida.

                           Agent Lee Strope

                           Sergeant Wayne Andrews
                           Clearwater PD.

                           MR. ROBERT POLLI
                           101 E. Kennedy Blvd.
                           Tampa, FL 33602
                           Attorney for the witness.

    TAMPA AIRPORT MARRIOTT, (813) 224-9500
   ST. PETERSBURG, CLEARWATER, (813) 821-3320

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DIRECT - Mr. McGarry                       4   14
EXAMINATION - Sgt. Andrews                21   20
EXAMINATION - Agt. Strope                 29    6
FURTHER EXAMINATION - Sgt. Andrews        33    1
Reporter's Certificate                    34    1

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TERESA HAYDEE CEZARE, the witness herein, being first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

MR. POLLI: State your name, for the record, and spell it for her.

THE WITNESS: Okay. Complete name, T E R E S A, H A Y D E E, and the last name, C E Z A R E.

MR. POLLI: I'm Bob Polli, for the record. I represent Ms. Cezare. And we have spent some time together, looking at the subpoena that we were served with, and also Florida Statute 914.04, and I have explained to Haydee what her responsibilities are in this deposition, and also the benefits she gets from 914.04. She understands that she is here under a grant of immunity that's provided for in that statute. She also knows that she's supposed to be truthful, and her testimony's supposed to complete, and to answer the questions to the best of her ability. With that said, she's ready to proceed. I also need to mention the language barrier. Haydee is from Argentina. Her primary language is Spanish. She speaks English well enough for me to have gotten through the interview. And upon agreement for everybody here, we decided to try and do this interview without an interpreter. So I'd ask everybody to kind of

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go slow, and I think we can get through this.

Mr. McGARRY: Okay. Thank you.

MR. POLLI: You're welcome. Before we start, this might help.

Mr. McGARRY: Great.

MR. POLLI: She had two watches, we believe; started at three p.m. on the 24th and spilled over to 25th at nine-thirty, and one on the 28th that started at seven p.m. and spilled over to nine a.m. on the 29th.

Mr. McGARRY: Okay.

MR. POLLI: So that might help focus.

Mr. McGARRY: All right. Thank you. DIRECT EXAMINATION


Q. My name's Mark McGarry. I'm going to be asking you some questions about the circumstances surrounding Lisa McPherson's death that occurred back in November and December of 1995.

A. Okay, sir.

Q. First off, what's your birthdate?

A. My birthday?

Q. Yeah.

A. X, 39.

Q. All right. And how long have you resided in

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A. Well, I came on August, 94, after I went to the ship on November that year --

Q. Mm-hmm.

A. -- and here again on May, 95.

Q. Okay And where did you -- You came from Argentina?

A. I came from Argentina on August -- 4 August, '94.

Q. Okay. And why did you come to Clearwater?

A. Because I wanted to join into the Sea Org.

Q. Sea Org.?

A. Yeah.

Q. And are you a member of Sea Org. now?

A. Excuse me?

Q. Are you in Sea Org. now?

A. Yes.

Q. And were you a member of the Church when you were in Argentina?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. When did you begin your membership of the Church? When were you first - -

A. In 88 -- sorry -- 86.

Q. Okay. What -- when you came to Clearwater, what -- what were your duties in the Sea Org.?

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A. I don't understand the last part.

Q. What were your responsibilities? What was your job?

A. Oh, well, I -- I did my training first --

Q. Mm-hmm.

A. --by one month and a half And after, I was expediter in the office.

MR. POLLI: She was called an expediter.


MR. POLLI: That's what her hat was.


Q. When did you first meet Lisa Mcpherson?

A. Well, when I went to - - to - - watch to her, on 24 November.

Q. Who told you that you were going to care for Lisa?

A. The Cope officer of the Church, who is Olivier Jaillot.

MR. POLLI: "Olivier"

Mr. McGARRY: J A I L L 0 T.



Q. What did he tell you?

A. Well, he told me that it was necessary that they look at for the care of this person who was sick and was a

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public of our service.

Q. Were you told that she was Type III?

A. Yes.

Q. Were you giving - - given any instructions as to how you were to care for her?

A. Yes. The CS -- do you know what is --

Q. CS, Yeah.

A. Okay. - - gave me instruction to read certain references on technical volumes to know how handle the person in any circumstance because, as she was sick, the first thing we needed to do was no talk to her.

Q. No talking?

A. Yeah. No talking to her.

Q. All right.

A. And be careful, because she needed to eat, to sleep. Only no more, to be session -- to be go in session and be audited.

Q. So you started your first watch on the 24th of November?

A. Yes.

Q. And that was about three p.m.?

A. Exactly.

Q. Do you recall who it was that was there when you arrived?

A. Was -- I think was Valerie. I don't remember

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exactly, but I think was Valerie. I replaced Valerie, I think, but --

MR. McGARRY: Do you know who she' s referring to?

MR. POLLI: Valerie Demangie.

MR. McGARRY: Valerie?


Q. Do you recall there being a guard at the door?

A. I don't understand sir.

MR. POLLI: Security at the door?


Q. Security?

A. Oh, yes. The door was -- people of security was Aiphonso Barchenas, Sr.


Q. How did you gain entry into the room?

A. With me, who was? Anna Bensini (phonetic), I think, was - -

MR. POLLI: You don't understand the question. No, no. How did you get in the door? Did the guard let you in the door, security let you in the door, or did you just walk in?

THE WITNESS: No, security opened it up.

MR. POLLI: That's the answer, then.

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THE WITNESS: I thank you.


Q. All right. Who was assigned to this watch with you? Who was with you in the watch with Lisa?

A. I don't remember exactly, but I think Anna Bensini. I think it was Anna Bensini. I don't remember, exactly.


Q. All right.

MR. POLLI: Let me remind you what you told me before. Maybe that'll help you. You said you thought it was Silvia before.

A. Or Silvia. I'm sorry, but I don't know.


Q. It' s a long time ago.

A. Yeah.

Q. I understand. Can you describe Lisa for me?

A. Well, she was a very thin person, blonde hair, and a little more high than me, a little more higher than me.

Q. How did she act?

A. Well, she act very - - sometimes quiet, but sometime very nervous, very alternate, like beyond -- I

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don't remember, but I think is "alternate."

MR. POLLI: Agitate?

AGENT STROPE: "Aggressive"?

A. Aggressive. A little.

THE WITNESS: Aggressive. Yeah. Thank you.


Q. Did she ever get aggressive with you?

A. Not exactly with me, no. But with herself. With herself.

Q. Okay. Did you - - were you responsible in feeding her or giving her something to drink?

A. Yes, but she didn't want. She didn't want to eat and she didn't want to drink.

Q. How about medicine? Did you give her any medicine?

A. Not medicine, but some vitamins.

Q. Vitamins?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did Janice Johnson ever stop by while you were there?

A. Excuse me? Janice - -

Q. Janice Johnson. Did she come by, while you were there - -

A. No.

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Q. -- and look at --

A. No. -

Q. -- look at Lisa?

A. No.

Q. How about Laura?

A. Laura, yes. Laura went to see her and tried to give some protein - -

Q. Protein?

A. Yeah. Protein drink and some foods, but she didn't want.

Q. Did Lisa ever tell you - - or try to talk to you in any way?

A. She -- to me, yes.

Q. What did she tell you?

A. She told me, "You are no Mr. Hubbard. You are no Mr. Hubbard. You are not Ellis Rice. You are no Ellis Rice." And said to me, so, "you are not." So, like that.

Q. Did she ever tell you that she wanted to go home?

A. No. She only tried to go out only, but no to walk home.

MR. McGARRY: Did you follow that?

MR. POLLI: Say it again.

THE WITNESS: Excuse me?

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Q. Say that again. She wanted to --

A. She tried to go out sometimes, but not tell me to go home.

Q. She wanted to go out MR POLLI She didn't say she wanted to go home, but she tried to go out the door?

THE WITNESS: Yeah. Exactly.

MR. POLLI: Well, tell him about that.


Q. Tell me -- yeah.

A. She tried to go out the door at night, and she was without clothes, practically. But not told me -- didn't told me go home. She didn't tell me go home.

Q. Who was with you when that occurred?

A. Excuse me? I don't --

Q. Who was with you when that occurred? Who was with you when that happened?

A. I think was Silvia.

Q. Silvia?

A. Yeah. Silvia.

Q. Did you prevent her from leaving?

A. Yes.

Q. And that's because she wasn't dressed?

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A. Yeah. Wasn't dressed, and she was no -- no okay.

Q. Not okay?

A. She was sick.

Q. Mentally or physically?

A. Mentally.

Q. Did you have to force her to come stay in the room, or was there a fight?

A. Not too much, because I stay at the door, and she came here, and I take her by here and tell, "Go to the chair," and I guide to the chair.

Q. So you spent the whole night, around the clock?

A. Exactly.

Q. Did she sleep?

A. Many, many little. Two hours, more or less. In all the night. And all the time, was talking. Talking, talking, "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All the time, she was talking.

Q. Okay. And you didn't talk back to her?

A. (Shakes head). Because I didn't understand what she told. But was talking like dramatizing some conversation with another person, but I didn't know who -- who, she, "blah, blah, blah, blah." And -- (Whereupon a discussion was held off the record).

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Q. Did she ever harm herself, or get any bruises, while you were watching her that night?

A. She-- Repeat the question, please.

Q. Did she ever harm herself, hurt herself, while she was with you that night?

A. Hurt herself, yes. Yes. One time was very, very hard, with herself, and I needed to take more hard to - - to -- to not permit that she continues, because was mashing her body.

Q. Did you write a report about that night? Do you write English?

A. I don't remember exactly.

Q. Do you write English?

A. I don't remember. I -- I think -- I think no, because --

MR. McGARRY: Can she write English, Bob, do you know?

A. Maybe, but I don' t - -

MR. POLLI: One second. This is what you told me before. Can you read that?

THE WITNESS: Ah, yeah. Report. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. Yeah. I did some report, yeah.

page 15


Q. Okay. Did you write it?

A. Yeah, yeah. I wrote.

Q. In Spanish or in English?

A. In English. Very short report, but --

Q. How many -- how many reports did you make?

A. One on any watch. One more for any watch.

Q. So, two reports?

A. Yeah.

Q. One for each time?

A. Exactly.

Q. Who did you give those reports to?

A. That is a-- I think-

Q. Maybe security? Maybe Sam? Maybe Arthur?

A. I send to the CS, but I don't know who I give -- I gave. That, I don't know --

Q. You sent them to CS?

A. Yeah. I sent to the CS, but I don't remember who I gave the report.

Q. Okay.

A. Sorry.

Q. That's all right. Let's talk about the second time. Who -- do you remember --

MR. POLLI: Ask her who replaced her.

page 16


Q. Yeah. Who replaced you, at nine-thirty in the morning?

A. Who replaced me in the morning, on Saturday?

Q. Yes, ma'am.

A. I think it was -- maybe Valerie. I don't remember. Maybe Valerie or Anna Bensini. (Whereupon Mr. Polli whispered to the witness).

THE WITNESS: Oh, yeah. Kennia Smayth, K E N N I A, S M A Y T H.

MR. McGARRY: Is there anything else I need to ask about the 24th/25th period, there?

MR. POLLI: I don't think so.


Q. Okay. Let's go to the second -- your second watch, which was the 28th of November.

A. Yeah. At night.

Q. Okay. Do you recall -- what was it, seven p.m., you started?

A. Yeah. Exactly.

Q. Do you recall who was there when you arrived?

A. Huh-uh. I don't remember that. Maybe Heather.

Q. Heather?

A. No, I don't --

page 17

Q. Okay. How -- how was Lisa -- how did she appear to you on this occasion? Different?

A. Different. More -- more bad about this. Had to stop it. Hit. She was talking so -- That time was when they - - I - - I - - I saw her legs and her abdomen all - - and this (indicating) around the mouth, because she was so - - all the time, talking, and - -

MR. POLiLI: Biting her lips?

THE WITNESS: Yeah. And she has, all here, violet, the color violet.


Q. Violet?

A. Yeah.

Q. Who was with you on that -- you said you don't remember who was with you on that - -

A. I don't remember. Sorry.

Q. Was - - was Lisa still active? Was she still walking around, or not so much?

A. Walking around, yes. Walking around and talking all the time. And that time was when - - when Laura - - to - - to - - to give the food, and she take the little of potato, and then -- spit is the word, I don't remember it --

Q. Mm-hmm.

page 18

A. -- spit to the floor.

Q. So Laura came, while you were there, to try to feed her?

A. Yeah. And she tried to give water and to give some food, but talking to her, very --. very sweet, but she didn't want anything.

Q. She spit it out?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did Janice Johnson stop by that night?

A. No.

Q. No? You had the whole night, right?

A. Yeah. Exactly.

Q. Who was with you - - You don't remember who was with you?

A. I don't remember. But there was another person, but I don't remember. Maybe Anna Bensini then. I don't remember, exactly.

Q. Okay. How did -- was there anything that happened that night, that you recall? Was she violent? Did she try to leave? Did she try to hurt herself?

A. Yes. She tried to go out the door one time, I think, but no more. And sometimes was tired at the bed,

page 19

and so on, and talking all the time. Talked all the time.

Q. Sometimes she was tired and in the bed?

A. Yeah.

Q. Is that what you -- Did she eat anything that right?

A. No. Nothing.

Q. Did she drink anything that night?

A. No. Nothing.

Q. So you indicate, in your notes from your attorney, she was thin but strong, and you had to put her hands behind her back to keep her from hurting herself.

A. Yeah.

Q. Did that occur that night?

A. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. She - - she - - in one moment, start to, "da, da, da, da, da, da," (indicating) so, so, and so, and, "um, um," (indicating) and said "um." And I take her, guided her - -

Q. She was biting herself?

A. Yes. She was trying, to herself, to herself. Not to me. To herself.

Q. Mm-hmm. Right.

A. Then I take - - her arms were here, and she force it, to continues. Then I needed to -- to go out and take her, so, and no continues.

page 20

Q. And did you write a report on this occasion, as well?

A. Yes.

Q. In English?

A. Yeah. More or less, but in English. MR McGARRY We don't have the report from her, right? SERGEANT ANDREWS: No. AGENT STROPE: It's not in the summary.

MR. McGARRY: Is there a summary in there? SERGEANT ANDREWS: No. She was mentioned in there. (Whereupon a discussion was held off the record).


Q. So you didn't go to the meeting on December 5th with Marcus Quirino?

A. No, I didn't go to the meeting. (Whereupon a discussion was held off the record)


Q. You - - they put you in isolation because they were worried you might have caught - -

A. Yeah.

Q. -- something from Lisa?

A. Yeah. I was in isolation with other persons.

Q. Did anybody come to visit Lisa, during your two

page 21

watches, that you remember - -

A. No.

Q. -- besides Laura? Laura came once --

A. Only Laura. No more.

Q. No family or friends?

A. No, no, no.

MR. McGARRY: Do you guys know what she was talking about? She said she was reading some text as to how-- (Whereupon a discussion was held off the record).


Q. Is there anything else that you did with Lisa, that you recall, that stands out in your mind, from her period at the cabana?

A. No. That is all. I don't remember any more.

MR. McGARRY: Okay. These gentlemen, here, would like to ask you some questions as well, so we'll be done shortly.


Q. On the 24th, do you remember the hours that you did the watch? What were the hours?

A. I went to -- about three p.m.

Q. Three p.m.?

page 22

A. On Friday, yeah.

Q. Okay.

A. And suppose somebody needed to replace to me at seven or nine, but nobody went, and I stayed there until all the night, until nine a.m. on Saturday.

Q. Okay. I just wanted to try to jog your memory a little bit. I had some previous testimony that Dr. Johnson stopped in that night at one-thirty a.rn.

A. Nine-thirty?

Q. Dr. Johnson, Jan -- You know Janice Johnson?

A. Yeah, yeah.

Q. You know her?

A. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Q. I have some previous testimony that she stopped in, to check on Lisa, at one-thirty a.m. in the morning, which you would have been on watch. Do you remember that?

A. Maybe. I don't remember, exactly.

Q. Okay.

A. Maybe.

Q. What was your understanding of Laura Arrunnada's visits to see Lisa?

A. Well, because Laura was the assistant to Janice, and went to - - to see how was going Lisa, and to try - - to try to get she eat something or drink something.

page 23

Q. Okay. Would it be safe to say medical care? She would be taking care of Lisa, medically?

A. No, no, no, no,

Q. Who would take care of Lisa, medically?

A. I don't know, exactly. I don't know that. I don't have that data.

Q. All right. When Laura stopped to check on Lisa - -

A. Mm-hmm.

Q. -- what did she do?

A. She went -- she went, because she -- there isn't no more to do. Lisa didn't want to -- to eat and neither to drink. And Laura thought, "Well, try to -- to rest and to sleep," and went.

Q. Okay. To your knowledge, who was in charge of what you were there working on?

A. Well the CS, because she needed to take auditing, and the CS - -

Q. Okay. Now, the CS in this case was -- I was -- I saw reports written to the senior case supervisor.

A. Exactly.

Q. Now, that's who you're referring to as being the CS?

A. I don't understand the last part of the question.

page 24

Q. Okay. The CS, was that Alain Karduzinski?

A. Yes.

Q. He was the CS --

A. Yeah.

Q. -- according to you?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. Now, you did two watches. How many times did Lisa try to leave the room during your two watches?

A. Oh, I don't know exactly. Two or three times, maybe. I don't know exactly.

Q. Okay. That would be a total, or would that be each watch?

A. No, a total.

Q. Total?

A. Total.

Q. Okay. Did Lisa ever get out the door?

A. No.

Q. Okay. So the attendants inside were always able to stop her from getting outside, while you were there?

A. Yeah. Exactly.

Q. Now, I know you said that she was tired in bed. Now--

A. Yeah.

Q. -- I -- I -- I wanted to clarify that to make

page 25

sure that that wasn't tied in bed. Do you know the difference, "tied" - -

A. Tired? Tired?

MR. POLLI: Was she tied with ropes or strapped down to the bed, or was she tired, laying in bed?

THE WITNESS: Laying -- sleeping, so -- only. No, no. I don't understand the difference.

MR. POLLI: Not tied up with ropes?

THE WITNESS: Oh, no, no, no, no. Sorry. BY SERGEANT ANDREWS:

Q. Okay.

A. I think the word is "lied" and --

MR. POLLI: Only "lie."

A. Yeah. Exactly. Only "lie." Sorry. BY SERGEANT ANDREWS:

Q. Have you ever participated in something like this before, in a watch, in this cycle? Have you ever participated in taking care of someone?

A. Yeah. I do participate before in another.

Q. Okay. Could you tell me about that?

A. Oh, I don't remember exactly what --

Q. Where and when?

page 26

A. I think was - - was in the Hacienda - -

Q. Okay.

A. -- and was --. I don't remember the name of the person, but it was in the same condition of PTS Type III.

Q. Do you remember when that was?

A. Not exactly, no, but I think was maybe May or June. May or June that -- the same year.

Q. May or June? So it would be --

A. 95.

Q. -- Before Lisa?

A. Before Lisa.

Q. May or June of 95?

A. Yeah. Maybe. One little short one.

Q. Was it a female or male?

A. I not understand the question.

Q. The person you were caring for, was it a man or a woman?

A. Woman.

Q. Who was giving the instructions on that case?

A. On that case, the -- the boss is -- has -- secretary of HCO is -- was, at that time, Leslie - - I don't remember the last name. -

Q. Woodcraft?

A. Yeah. Woodcraft.

Q. And what happened with that watch? How did that

page 27


A. Well, in that watch, the person was -- let me see -- yeah. The person was with the walls, so -- that - - (indicating)

Q. Okay.

A. But not all the time You know, sometimes And she was on the bed, sometimes, or walking around the room.

Q. Okay. How did that end? How did it finally come to a conclusion?

A. I don't understand the question.

MR. POLLI: Did she get a session? Did she get audited?

THE WITNESS: Yes, she did.

MR. POLLI: And then she's better?

THE WITNESS: Yeah. And she was better after. BY SERGEANT ANDREWS:

Q. Okay. Who did the auditing? Do you know who the case supervisor was?

A. I don't -- I don't know, because I was very new at that time, and I didn't remember the names.

Q. Okay.

A. I didn't know the names. I know the person, but I didn't know the names.

page 28

Q. Now, you saw Lisa on the 24th, November 24th

A. Yeah.

Q. -- and she wasn't eating or drinking, and she was spitting stuff out.

A. Exactly.

Q. Now, you come back four days later, on the 28th.

A. Exactly.

Q. She's still not eating or drinking, and she's still spitting out --

A. I don't think so. I don't think so, because didn't want.

Q. Okay. Well, while you were there, she didn't eat or drink.

A. Exactly.

Q. All right. Did she look any different in the two days?

A. Yes. Was more bad. Was apparently more bad, because was more sick, more -- was -- was more violet in her body.

MR. POLLI: Bruises?

THE WITNESS: "Bruises"? How you spell the word?

MR. POLLI: Bruises, b R U I S E S.

THE WITNESS: Ah. Bruises. Thanks.

page 29


Q. So she looked worse the time -- from the time you saw her on the 24th, and when you saw her on the 28th, she looked worse.


Q. I just have one question. We'll keep it brief.

A. Okay. Thanks.

Q. When Lisa tried to leave the room - -

A. Yeah. -- what did she say?

A. What she or --

Q. She.

A. Ah, she. go out."

Q. "1 want to go out"?

A. "Let me go out."

Q. "Let me go out"?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did she say, "Let me go home"?

A. No. "Let me go out."

Q. Just "Let me go out"?

A. "Let me go out." Exactly.

Q. That's all she said?

page 30

A. Yeah. That's all she said. Exactly.

Q. Who was with you when that happened? Who was the other person with you, watching Lisa?

A. I think was Silvia.

Q. Silvia DelaVega?

A. Yeah. Silvia DelaVega.

Q. Both times?

A. Not both times. The first time, when she wanted to go out.

Q. Well, you'd said that she had wanted to go out two or three times? Was that on one watch or each watch?

A. No, in totally.

Q. Okay.

A. In totally.

Q. And on the second day that you were there on the 28th, did she want to go out then?

A. Yes.

Q. Who was with you that time?

A. I don't remember that. I think was Anna, but I don't -- I not sure.

Q. Anna?

A. Anna Bensini, I think, was with me, but I'm not sure. Don't remember exactly who it was.

Q. So -- so when Lisa tried to get out, she said she wanted to go out, you guided her -- that's the word

page 31

you used - - guided her back to the bed?

A. Yeah. Exactly. I take her right here and go to the chair.

Q. Did she resist?

A. Yes. She -- she resist, because I was at the door, and she came here, and I tell, "No. Go to the chair." And she want -- wanted to get -- And then I take it, the shoulders, and I go to the chair, and she resist, and I guide her to the chair.

Q. Did someone tell you, before that time, that she was not to leave?

A. Yes. Because told me is not good for her to go out.

Q. Who told you that?

A. The security guard. Because he prevented (sic) to me that she sometimes wanted to go out.

Q. Is that - - what security guard told you that? Barcenas?

A. Yes.

Q. So he told you that, before, that --

A. Yes.

Q. -- Lisa had tried to get out?

A. Yeah. Tried to get out.

Q. And he stopped her?

A. Excuse me?

page 32

Q. Did he stop her before that, or someone else?

A. I don't understand the question. Sorry.

Q. Did Barchenas say that --

A. "Be careful."

Q. - - that he had stopped Lisa from going out?

A. Yeah. Before, when I -- when I arrived to --

Q. To watch --

A. -- to do the watch, he told me, "Be careful. We -- sometimes she want to go out."

Q. Okay.

A. "And at night, not good for her."

Q. So she had done this before - -

A. Yeah. Exactly.

Q. - - as far as you know?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. And never -- did you ever have to hold her down?

A. Excuse me? I --

Q. Did you have to hold her down, to keep her in?

A. I put in the chair and left there.

Q. And then she sat there?

A. Yeah. And she stayed there, so --

Q. Okay.

A. Yeah. AGENT STROPE: I don't have anything else.

page 33



Q. I just have a quick one.

A. Yeah.

Q. The two reports that you wrote --

A. Yeah.

Q. - - and you turned them in, at that time, in November of 95 --

A. Yes.

Q. - - have you ever seen them again? Have you ever got a chance to look at those reports again?

A. No, I didn't see more.

Q. No more, ever again?

A. No, I didn't see more.

Q. Did anyone talk to you about those reports, other than your attorney?

A. No.


MR. McGARRY: Thank you.

SERGEANT ANDREWS: Thank you very, very much.

THE WITNESS: That is all?

(Whereupon a discussion was held off the record).


page 34




          I, the undersigned authority, certify that 
TERESA HAYDEE CEZARE personally appeared before me and was
duly sworn.

          WITNESS my hand and officia1 seal this 2nd day 
of June, 1997.

                        [notary seal]

                      DONNA M. KANABAY, RPR, RMR
                      Notary Public - State of Florida

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          I, DONNA M. KANABAY, Registered Professional
Reporter, certify that I was authorized to and did
stenographically report the deposition of TERESA HAYDEE
CEZARE, and that the transcript is a true and complete
record of my stenographic notes.

          I further certify that I am not a relative,
employee, attorney or counsel of any of the parties, nor 
am I a relative or employee of any of the parties' 
attorney or counsel connected-with the action, nor am I
financially interested in the action. 

          DATED this 2nd day of June, 1997.

                      DONNA M. KANABAY
                      RPR, RMR