Telephone Summary - Theresa Klimaszewski, Emergency Room Nurse

Date:May 19, 1997


FLO520300/Clearwater Police Department Report No. 95-29158
Offense Death Investigation Date of Report 5/19/97

Location 644 Pierce Street Orig Incident Date 12/6/95
Victim Lisa McPherson VI Prosecute Yes X No
Investigator Jorge Carrasquillo
Previous Status Active
Subject None
Impound Inventory None


On May 16, 1997, 1 received a telephone call from Theresa Klimaszewski. Klimaszewski stated since her interviewed with Det. Carrasquillo she has been thinking about the Lisa McPherson incident. Klimaszewski said she believes she drew the blood culture from McPherson. Klimaszewski stated she is 99 % sure because of the following conversation she had with Dr. Minkoff.

Klimaszewski said she and Dr. Minkoff had a conversation regarding the blood site. Klimaszewski said she questioned if the site to draw blood had been properly sanitized. Klimaszewski said before taking blood for a culture the area has to be properly disinfected and sanitized, however in this case the blood was taken from the I.V. needle plug. Klimaszewski stated she recalls Dr. Minkoff saying it was all right to use the I.V. Plug. Klimaszewski said she also recalls placing the blood sample in a pediatric bottle, because there wasn't enough blood for a regular bottle.

Klimaszewski said regarding the night McPherson was brought to Columbia Hospital there was another weird incident. Klimaszewski inquired if the woman (Laura Arrunada) in the back seat with McPherson was a doctor. I asked Klimaszewski, what was her reason for inquiring if the woman was a doctor. Klimaszewski said when she entered the back of the van to examine McPherson the woman never moved or got out

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FL0520300/ Clearwater Police Department Report No. 95-29158
Offense Death Investigation Date of

of the way. Klimaszewski said the woman remained sitting next to McPherson with her arm around McPherson's shoulder. Klimaszewski said this behavior is unusual, Klimaszewski said normally individuals get out of the way so the E.R. crew can work on the patient. Klimaszewski stated I should be aware of the two aforementioned issues. I thanked Klimaszewski for the additional information. Investigation continues.

Ofc. Reporting Det. Jorge Carrasquillo ID No. 630
Case Status Active Date Cleared
Clearance Type Exception Type
1. Arrest

Adult Juvenile

2. Exceptional

3. Unfounded
1. Extradition declined

2. AR of primary offense,

secondary offense,

w/o prosecution
3. Death of Offender

4. V/W refused to cooperate

5. Prosecution declined

6. Juv/No Custody

Ofc. Reviewing                      Date          SAO Info

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