Charlotte Chase Tape Not Transcribed

Date:August 11, 1997


FLO520300/Clearwater Police Department Report No. 95-29158
Offense Death Investigation Date of Report 8/11/97

Location 644 Pierce Street Orig Incident Date 12/6/97
Victim Lisa McPherson VI Prosecute Yes X No
Investigator Jorge Carrasquillo
Previous Status Active
Impound Inventory


On August 11, 1997, 1 was advised the cassette tape of Charlotte Chase's interview submitted for transcribing was of poor quality, and difficult to transcribe. Especially Attorney McAuliffe's statements and my statements. Since the interview contained no pertinent information the decision w as made not to transcribe the tape at this time. The tape will be maintained in the case file for future reference if needed. Attorney' McAuliffe was informed of the condition of the tape by Sgt. W. Andrews. Investigation Continues.

Ofc. Reporting Det. Jorge Carrasquillo ID No. 630
Case Status Active Date Cleared
Clearance Type Exception Type
1. Arrest

Adult Juvenile

2. Exceptional

3. Unfounded
1. Extradition declined

2. AR of primary offense,

secondary offense,

w/o prosecution
3. Death of Offender

4. V/W refused to cooperate

5. Prosecution declined

6. Juv/No Custody

Ofc. Reviewing                      Date          SAO Info
Sgt. W. C. Andrews [signature]      8-11-97

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