Summary Report Form for a Tailor Sec Check

Date:October 1, 1988

Auditor Admin Series 12RA


Date: 10/1/88
PC or Pre-OT: Lisa Skonetski
Auditor: B. J. McDaniel
Process Run: Tailor Sec check
TA: 2.8
Time: :57

[The remainder of this form is summarized, not transcribed.]

There are 22 questions or items listed under "Aspects and Gains." The auditor writes impressions about the PC (Lisa) regarding the security check that Lisa underwent.

According to the answers written on the form, Lisa did very well and the process was effective. Lisa had free needles and the needle was active and loose. The tone arm did not go too low (below 2.0); it did go rather high, and it did descend; the tone arm range was 2-3 overall.

Lisa was cheerful but seemed a little frustrated. Her appearance was neat; she made jokes. There were no changes noticed in her mannerisms, her skin tone, or her eye color. There were some comm lags. Lisa had no cognitions, did not experience any pains or sensations occurring from the session, and had no difficulties with it. The auditor was able to complete the C/S instructions; Lisa was happy at the end of the session, with a tone arm reading of 3.25 and a floating needle.

FSO 00865