Ethics Cycle



Date:September 1, 1986

Staff EO <--
Qual Div                       Sept 1st 86

              Ethics Cycle re Lisa Skonetski

I did an ethics cycle on Lisa Skonetski - re hatting & getting hatted -
we did RPEC on study & she blew out because she can now study in the
course room. (RPEC these are in here PC folder)

There is one point here that still needs to be handled. The cycle was
done in such a way as to pull a string on why she wasn't being the
thetan of 6A ie on full FDN schedule & truly

FSO 01993

covering the area. She cogged she was using Expeditor Status to not be
fully responsible for area <--- this point still needs to be fully EPed
& an FDN schedule set up. It is an ethics sit - also her contract is up.
<--- I think she needs to sign another.


FSO 01995