Ethics Notes


Lisa Skonetski

Date:June 5, 1982

--> Ethics                        6/5/82

File - Lisa Boss

                    Ethics Notes

               Sandy Porter's phone call abt Lisa Boss

Lisa couldn't do it - explained why. Agreed - said living in make
believe world - said don't like making decisions, being resp, felt pain

Sandy said coming more aware

Lisa said last few weeks feeling grief, angry.

Sandy TB4'd.

Lisa said didn't want make decision, be resp. Said want Scn but want Don

Said ??? was right in don looking at her as ornament but she'd played
Don off as bad guy.

FSO 2520


Lisa said want do Scn.

Lisa said doing Scn for Don to handle r/ship.

Don not drinking, going out, etc. is her goal.

Sandy - Don also does what he wants to do.

Sandy suggested temp disc, move out, is going home to stay, she did &
Don called her many times.

Is finding apt, new phone - really uptone, relief. Said to be honest -
she lot happier when she not w/ him.

FSO 2522