Ethics Writeup


Lisa McPherson

Date:February 14, 1982


Lisa McPherson

[circled initials]

[Note: the left side of this document was cut of; some of this transcription represents my best guess of the text.]

1. Don gets better. He might realize how I really have kept all this shit going and I'd really be the bad guy.

He would not like me as much. I couldn't stay mad at him. My reasons for our marriage not working would have to change. I will have to take responsibility for his condition to an extent. If I come right out and tell him I know of the things I've
done to cause all this to come about, then I have to be willing for him to really see that and he won't like me anymore. Even in his worst [fits] of anger he always said he loved me, and "just getting angry showed that he cared."

I have said a lot of things regarding his ability, and for him to get better would make me wrong. I've always KNOWN he is an able Thetan, and have done my best to suppress that. And at the same time, telling him my knowledge about his ability. p>

He would not care for me anymore. I would no longer cause an effect on him.

FSO 2469

I would have to be wrong. He might be happy for a change. He might succeed in getting better. Then he'd be better than me. I'd no longer be his only love. I'd have to believe him.


Don would have to be right.

FSO 2471