Ethics Report


Lisa Skonetski

Date:June 7, 1983

Wants to be a part of group - when in acad have to be a student - when in Qual can be part of group.

Want expand my Dyn. Want be full time staff.

Too much inflow on crs - don't ahve a twin. (Has read twinning bulletin.)

Don't want go Flag -

(Afraid of doing to Flag & wind up in a course room studying)

Whole problem on study is Q&A all over.

(Saw Carla - very high ethics presence, & said I want to be like that (not Q&A))

Like "OK big tough Flag members - put [illegible] - / Want to have as much Eth)

FSO 2404


Lisa McPherson

Jim Woeltjen

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Other Intentionness:

  1. "Fun Times"

Going to Flag - 2 Reasons:

  1. Get Q&A off
  2. Make it so cld say squirrelling has been handled.

Good Reasons

  1. Get KSW in.
  2. Get R on Flag.

FSO 2403

Rest of it: "I enjoy being an easy reg cycle - like to bring e/b ind in."

Based on what you @ - what you want do?

Be satisfied doing KSW here - don't want go Flag now - when go Flag want to have some Eth presence.

FSO 2405