Flag Ethics Interview



Date:July 5, 1994

A Flag Ethics Interview with Lisa McPherson, dated July 5, 1994.

Probably due to photocopy bleedthrough, this page is very difficult to read.

Under "Reason for being sent to Ethics:", it says, "RPEC." [Repair of Past Ethics Conditions]

Under "Summary of interview and exact situation found:", it says,

(1) OK.

(2) Yes. 6th Dyn activity. 
    It has to do w/ [illegible] create

(3) (crying) Treason
     when small  Trying to mock up
     my bedroom
     Had s/g and then it was gone

(4)  CORRECT?  [possible illegible mark]
     NOTE as it turned out we had

Nothing is checked under the "Tools Used to Handle" or "Meter Check" sections, and the MAA Signature line is blank.

FSO 00763

an apparent situation
but what it actually
boiled down to was an
unnecessary action which,
however, brought to
light the truth.
the real sit -
a PT Danger formula
on not handling [illegible]
around her creative
abilities in handling
life situations.

             [illegible name]
             AO MAA

FSO 00764