2D Liability Formula



Lisa McPherson

1. Decide who are one's friends.

I am my friend as well as those who seek to apply standard tech to their second dynamic to constantly improve the scene and not just when it's in trouble or when it's convenient. Those who are straight on the 2D and who seek partners who align with their dynamics and their admin scales and not just who go and pick someone and say "hey, I'll bet you'd be a good one" and off they go. Those who spend time finding out and who really inspect the things they need and want before launching off. Also, who don't take on a 2D and abandon the rest of their responsibilities and dynamics but who confront what has to be confronted to make the 2D really work and who can walk away if it's not the greatest good for the greatest [handwritten in: # of] dynamics. Who sseek terminals to have long stable, lasting relationships with and who aren't just out thrill seeking.

2. Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.

I turned myself in to a prospective 2D terminal that I'd been playing games with and admitted to those games knowing I could potentially lose the chance and I have continued to admit to out-ethics intentions as they appear to make sure I am nailing the enemy which is, non confront on taking full responsibility for having an in ethics 2D. I turned myself into my closest friends letting them know that I was starting off again and I really wanted to be straight on what I was doing. I even reported having sex when I stood to suffer being killed by my best friends. I knew they would be unhappy and disappointed in me and probably think less of me since I'd been pretending to have my ethics in yet was still off doing the same old things. I also got with Jeff Litton, who I'd been covertly seeking a 2D with and fessed up to him of my true intentions and told him what I'd been doing.

3. make up the damage one has done by contribution far beyond the ordinary demands of a group member.

I have read most of the 2D book which deals with sex and marriage to get some actual hatting on the dynamic. I listened to the tape on Marriage, the tape on the second dynamic and the tape on the dynamics of existence, I read the Marriage Hats

4. Apply for re-entry to the group...

I accept myself into the group of my second dynamic. I know now how I went off the rails in the past as regards my other dynamics and there has been definite ethics change from me in this area. I trust myself to be ethical on my second dynamic.

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