Lisa McPherson

Date:October 6, 1994

Lisa McPherson               10/6/94

In a recent 2D I failed to hold
strong to the tech and my finger
faltered on the trigger. There were
indications very obvious to me that we
were involved in a wog activity
because we fought all the time and
instead of slamming in ethics tech
I just acted like a wimp and let
it continue. I did lowers on it
but I don't know that I ever
wrote it up.

A week or 2 ago one of the IAS
pages approached me. She was
smiling and high toned. She said
that Anne wanted to see me. I told
her I wasn't going to do that.
She very politely TR3'd it and I
spoke back to her in a tone that
introverted her and I saw that.
I let her walk away and knew
she was keyed in.

About two weeks ago I agreed to go to
the OT Committee meeting and then
didn't go. I hung out with my
2D instead.

When my best friend completed
OT8 she was to speak at Flag
graduation. I did not go to the

FSO 00774

graduation until 10:30 pm by which
time it was over. I was at my
boyfriend's house having sex.

I was rude to an IAS reg about
a month ago. She was trying to
get into comm with me and
earnestly repair an earlier upset.
I refused to allow her back on
my comm line in spite of her
sincere effort.

I agreed to subscribe to the R&D
volumes but have only purchased
one volume. Two more are
out and I have made no attempt
to handle it. I did receive
special pricing under the agreement.

When I moved from Dallas there
was a friend there who I
did not say goodbye to nor have
I called her again.

I started a dissem cycle on a guy,
Jerry about 4 months ago. I
told him about DN & SCN and that
he should read DMSMH. I called
the Mission to set up an appt
for him but never followed

FSO 00775

I failed to follow up with
someone who I knew was reaching
for SCN. A man I have danced
with for a long time told me
the last time he was in Dallas
that he had picked up DN and was
3/4 way through it. He asked
some very good questions and I
knew he was really interested. I
have not called him since April
nor have I given his name to the
org so that he can be contacted.

I blew from a friend in La in
1989 and left owing her $
(about 200.00) which I have never
repaid. She helped me, let me
live with her, counciled me
and would have done anything for me.
I left without paying my share
of the rent and didn't pay her
until she wrote me up. I still
owe her interest and have not
paid her.

After having left the S.O. in
1989 I hung out at a country
& western bar for a year and
did nothing to get myself cleaned
up. I didn't do any services,

FSO 00776

I didn't help the org or anyone
I knew. I danced and drank
and had 5 affairs with wogs
over this period. Three of
which knew I was a SCNTST
but I did not set a good example.
I say this because I was having
casual sex with them without
any real committment and being

I had an intentional promiscuous
affair with a man in Dec 93.
I knew I was moving to Florida
and he knew and we set up an
agreement where we just had a
short term affair and had sex
without any intention of really
mocking up a 2D. He knew I
was a SCNTST and this set a gross

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I withheld this out-ethics affair
the entire time I was on LOC and
it got missed by my twin
and the sup. I basically committed
this overt over a major action.

I borrowed huge amounts of $
to pay for my lower bridge
(30,000+) on a signature loan
and promised to pay it back.
I filed bankruptcy in 1989

FSO 00777

and did not repay it. I have
set up a set aside account now
to pay it back but when I filed
I originally had no intent.

In 1989 while I was dancing
up a storm I considered
not rejoining the group and
just going after life all by
myself. This was antisocial
to myself that I would have
considered such a thing.

FSO 00778