Commendation Chit


Kathy Brod

Date:July 24, 1986

I & R                        24 July 86
Staff Notice Board

                      COMMENDATION CHIT

             Franz Reiter   21.30
             Shirley Burris   16:00
             Sid Reed   16:00
             Hildegard Jessup   12:15
             Danny Ramsey   11:15
             Cindy Howenstein   11:00
             Steve South   10:30

The staff named above have presented very high study hours for the week
ending 24 July 86 and are to be highly commended for their diligence and
hard work. A Very, Very Well Done to all those named above and
encouragement to keep up the excellent work.

             Lisa Skonetski  Grade 2
             Shirley Burris  Book 1 Workshop
             Maggie Fuller  Hubbard Ethics Specialist
             Carol Chamberlain  C & A Full Hat
             Maggie Fuller HAS Mini Hat
             Maggie Fuller  Dissem Mini Hat
             Stuart Cameron  Int R/D
             Craig Hebert  Purification R/D

The staff named immediately above have completed the items listed this
week ending 24 July 86. CONGRATULATIONS!  on a job well done.

                                Kathy Brod SSO

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