Commendation Chit


Mark Muir

Date:June 15, 1986

Church of Scientology Mission of the Southwest
8501 Manderville   Dallas, Texas 75231    691-4821

             FLAG WORLD TOUR           15 Jun 86

Flag Data Files
Dir of Tours FSO
Ethics Files all staff concerned

                   COMMENDATION CHIT

   The following staff are highly commended for their backup and support
of the Flag World Tour event:

Bill Dolaway MH
Theresa Dolaway ED
Barry Wieczorek HCOS
Debbie Sinone OS
Enrique Salinas HCO Dir
Gene Skonetski Dissem Dir
Hasan Luszcz Treas Dir
Maggie Fuller Qual Dir
Lisa Mullin Pub Div Exp
Marlo Kimmel Income Off
Carol Chamberlain CSA Off
Ruth Reed Nanny
Steve South Examiner
Cindy Howenstein Auditor
Kathy Brod SSO
Paco Casales Cope Off
Lisa Skonetski Pub Contact Dir
Sherry Randall Nanny
Stuart Cameron Academy Supervisor
Doug Hubert T/EO
Lisa Cameron Pub Div Exp
Melinda Watson Tech Exp
Brenda Hubert Review Off

   The above named Dallas staff are majorly responsible for the call-in
and event set up and execution actions.

   Thank you very much, the public was very pleased with the event.

                    L, Mark Muir A.M. FWT

    a non-profit organization registered in the state of Texas

FSO 2095