Dale A. Larson

Date:October 30, 1991

Commendation of Exec & Staff of AMC

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                                30 October 1991

65030 Gaston Av. #350
Dallas, Texas  75214

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you in regards to the "More Information Cards" that you
had routinely published and distributed as a donation to assist Narconon

My post is the Finance Director for ABLE International. We promote and
consult the organizations that get the Social Betterment Technology of
L. Ron Hubbard into broad use in Society. Narconon is such an
organization and Narconon-Chilocco is the largest Narconon project we
are involved with currently.

One of my standard functions as the Finance Director is to do regular
analyses of promotion as it relates to the income of the organizations
we are associated with. I have just recently completed such a promotion
analysis that covers the last two years.

On completion of this it was clear to me that the "More Information
Cards" that you distribute for Narconon Chilocco contribute well to the
income of Narconon. Of particular note were mailings of 40,000 or more
cards in one week's time. This was normally followed (on an approximate
6 week delay) by an increase in income. More dramatic increases in
income followed (on an approximate 6-week delay) mailings of 100,000 or
more cards in one week's time. Additionally noted was the fact that the
areas and clientele you mail to result in professionals and other
persons receiving information on Narconon that are not normally reached
by our own promotion. It is felt that this aided the increase in income
as well.


Your executives and staff are Highly Commended for the contributions you
have made to Narconon's success by sending out these information cards.

It is my hope that this promotion can once again be done, and be
continued regularly, as it is of aid in creating a society that is free
from the scourge of drug abuse, and the crime that drug abuse sometimes

Any efforts extended to bring this about will be greatly appreciated.


                            Dale A. Larson
                            Finance Director
                            ABLE INTERNATIONAL

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