Danger, NNCF & Raw Books & NPI


Lisa Skonetski

Date:January 2, 1987


    4. Get in your own personal ethics...

      A) Was _not_ scheduling people for lectures on scheduled times _DO
done  B) Was backlogging receipts to book buyers  DONT DO THAT
done  C) Was reasonable w/ Sanara on her conditions - get her to apply
condition NOW - no more Q&A!
done  D) Was not intending to apply conditions, just wrote them up to PR
senior - get intention in to apply condition and do it

    5. Reorganize your life so that the dangerous situation is not
continually happening to you

      A) Keep BP IN
      B) Get cycles on BP done routinely
      C) Stay on time schedule of calling BBYRS, 1-800 prospects NPI
prospects etc so that they all get contacted
      D) _Always_ tell people about lectures as part of patter

FSO 01935


    6. Formulate and adopt firm policy...
      A) If I see a back log coming _at_all_ demand reinforcements (IE
all hands in DIV 6)
      B) Apply conditions and implement in BP application of them
      C) _Always_ invite people to lectures
      D) drill tough cycles

   I feel _very_ good about being able to _do_ this     LS

FSO 01937

--> I&R                            1-16-87
(crossed out)                     for last week

                     Lisa Skonetski

1. Find a comm line.

I did this with every staff member in D6 - Force, Franz, Steve P. Sandra
& Roy

2. Make yourself known. I advised each of these terminals that I was the
PCD and my responsibilities were getting people interested in Scn thru
intro services, book sales etc. That I want to flood the mission with
new people and get them routed onto intro services.

3. Discover what is needed or wanted:

Force: keep track of production and quotas (2) let juniors know to
allign production (3) use conditions (4) recruit folks for area (5)
handle my own personal hatting (6) route hot prospects to reg (7) check
successful actions w/ Roy (8) keep area in PT (9) Get OCA's out

(1) get people to intro lectures

FSO 01939