Lisa Skonetski

Date:January 2, 1987


4. I am asking your permission now to rejoin this group as a staff

app'd                         disapp'd


C Chamberlain                ------------------
Maggie Pulles  VWD           ------------------
Bill Delaway                 ------------------
Roy Hart                     ------------------
Joe Delancy                  ------------------
Force Chamberlain            ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
Steve Parker                 ------------------
Shirley Burris               ------------------
Darryl Wiegand               ------------------
D. Simone   WD!              ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
Louise Dennis                ------------------
Jan Ramsay                   ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
Brenda Shubert               ------------------
Cindy H                      ------------------
Stuart Cameron               ------------------

FSO 01947

[copy is very dark and hard to read]

--> Ethics Sect.
    ------------                         30 Dec 86
    Addo Pjt.

                    Lisa Skonetski

                       ANNOYANCE REPORT

I was filing CF folders today & came across some NNCF folders. 3 folders
were letter size folders. I made it clear to Lisa with dispatches &
verbally that I won't accept letter-size CF folders in the files - prior
to this incident many particles to be filed in CF are legal size & there
is an abundance of legal-size folders. I saw to it so that it would be
completely unnecessary that letter size got used.

She sent me more to file which I sent back to her to [illegible].

                  Barry [illegible]good

FSO 01949

[copy is very light and hard to read]

                                    26 Dec 86

--> EO (2 copies)
<-- PS

                    Conditions Order
                    Lisa Skonetski

Lisa, as the PCD, is hereby assigned the codition of liability for the
following reasons:

1. She was posted as PCD at the end of October and never completed the

2. She backlogged 4 months of bookbuyer receipts which cut the comm line
to those folks

3. She backlogged the bookbuyer cards for 2 months which cut the comm
line to them.

4. She has repeatedly been ordered to apply conditions to her post & has
not done them.

She is to report to ethics to get this condition going and have it done
within this week.

                          Force Chamberlain

FSO 01951