Lisa Skonetski

Date:January 17, 1986

done 1-17-86                 very well done  FC

                Lisa Skonetski

O/W's done, end ruds check 16 Feb

1) Bypass habits or normal routines

I spent time drilling w/ Lisa C on Monday (or Tuesday) for phone
contacts to get her patter more exact and tone 40. I made an effort to
make more phone calls myself to ensure people woul arrive as from the
stats, the % of people arriving was slim. I made certain graphs got
posted so stats could be monitored & conditions assigned. I re-called a
couple of people that Cameron called to get the string pulled and the
person handled.

2) Handle the sit. and any danger in it.

Partly in bypass this occurred somewhat because when a person didn't get
scheduled, or some sit didn't resolve I just personally handled it as
best I could. Also by recognizing I could schedule people more I spent
more time on the phones.

FSO 2163


3) Assign self a danger condition.

This I did.

4) Get in your own personal ethics.

I did an O/W write up and saw how I wasn't confronting people like I
needed to and blew my consids on just getting in comm with these new
guys to get a product from them. After that it was much easier to just
call out more consistently.

5) Reorganize your life...

This is where I am in P.T. on this condition.

[the following section appears to have been written later]

OK - Read PL on Full Danger Condition Handling and I am going to knock
off the non confront - I have actually done so, and I am on the lines to
the extent that if I need to bypass a Jr to get the guy scheduled, this
is happening in PT - and my schedules are arrving 98%. Also, get
instructs written and debug happening on my [???] until Phase

FSO 2165