Lisa Skonetski

Date:January 17, 1986


3) Assign self a danger condition.

This I did.

4) Get in your own personal ethics.

I did an O/W write up and saw how I wasn't confronting people like I
needed to and blew my consids on just getting in comm with these new
guys to get a product from them. After that it was much easier to just
call out more consistently.

5) Reorganize your life...

This is where I am in P.T. on this condition.

[the following section appears to have been written later]

OK - Read PL on Full Danger Condition Handling and I am going to knock
off the non confront - I have actually done so, and I am on the lines to
the extent that if I need to bypass a Jr to get the guy scheduled, this
is happening in PT - and my schedules are arrving 98%. Also, get
instructs written and debug happening on my [???] until Phase

FSO 2165

--> Ethics                        6/5/82

File - Lisa Boss

                    Ethics Notes

               Sandy Porter's phone call abt Lisa Boss

Lisa couldn't do it - explained why. Agreed - said living in make
believe world - said don't like making decisions, being resp, felt pain

Sandy said coming more aware

Lisa said last few weeks feeling grief, angry.

Sandy TB4'd.

Lisa said didn't want make decision, be resp. Said want Scn but want Don

Said ??? was right in don looking at her as ornament but she'd played
Don off as bad guy.

FSO 2520