Div 6A - Normal


Lisa Skonetski

Date:May 19, 1988

I&R                              Lisa Skonetski

                  Div 6A - Normal

I. Don't change anything

1. Keep come-on dissem going on call in

2. Keep in valence on evals - keep short and impinge

3. Confirm all appts

4. Keep comm line in tight w/ DPC

5. Letters out daily

6. LOTS sched!

II. Ethics mild

1. Don't hit anyone - no savage actions

2. Make sure DPC gets her condit done

3. Daily quotas met

III. A stat betters ...

1. NNCF's - MIC's, RAW - book pkgs, NTI - come-on dissem, BIS/CBIS -
D/ED D&E monitoring daily (do this myself)

2. Quota divs for BIS and get a TIGHT line in with the following - Qual
Sec, EO, Basic course sup

3. Contact BPI RPR for radio shows

4. DPC to announce intro's to basic courses

IV. Evertime a stat worsens slightly ...

FSO 01407


1. Get DPC on CNNCF's - find them

2. Do this daily and handle instantly

FSO 01409