Div 6A - Emergency


Lisa Skonetski

Date:April 26, 1988

[This is very light and partially illegible]

       Div 6A - Emergency           4-26-88
                Lisa Skonetski

1. Promote/Produce

[???] public religiously [???] books on the [???]

[???] on OCA evals

Push dissem drill to get public to arrive

Get more letters out and hand out OCAs in house

2. Change operating basis

Do not route public to 6B until are solid products - if reach is there
and we know there are no funds sched back in at appropriate time to see

Don't route DB's to 6B

[???] that people are serviced.

If no public in at 9:30 - out to sell books

3. Prepare to deliver ...

drill dissem drill, invasion of privacy and HPI.

FSO 01439


4) Economize

[???] PES to help me on [???]


[???] who aren't up to [???]king.

6) cont - prepare to deliver -

Get * rated on film book to know 18mm films

Get Freedom film in the org

Get film proj. demo [???]

Call in book buyers for W/S

7.) Stiffen discipline

Stay late as needed to do fig. outs

Push like hell to get daily quotas met

Make [???] comm stay in W/DPC

FSO 01441