Conditions Order


Force Chamberlain

Date:April 19, 1988

                                          19 Apr 88
--> Ethics (2 copies)
    Dir Pub Con

                          Conditions Order
                           Lisa Skonetski
                             Kay Houser

On Sunday the New People In statistic was crashed. The ED spotted an
incorrect posting of Kay as D/PCS I/T when she primarily was doing
public contact work.

This was corrected with my consent and with Kay & Lisa's agreement also.
The new posting index has not come out yet however it is extremely
important that Kay do her non-e rapidly so as to move up the conditions
& expand her area; and that Lisa apply Danger Condition until such time
that she is fully running with the ball.

Both should write these up. Kay should route hers to Lisa & Lisa route
hers to [???] promotion.

[remainder illegible]

FSO 01449