Condition Normal


Lisa Skonetski

Date:April 14, 1988

I&R                                      Lisa Skonetski

             4-14-88  WE   6A
             Condition Normal

* This applies only to non-celeb area

Don't change anything:
Do BIS missing list and route to appropriate termanals.
Kay to round up and totally handle NNCF - do not bypass her
I dontinue to do BIS stats
Sell books on all evals
Follow up on book buyers
Keep noise and case off post
Waste those tho need wasting
Maintain high ARC with Kay. Stay in comm with her.
Ethics mild - no savage actions
A statistic betters ...
What bettered the stats this week was keeping in comm on Kay's
The correct condition was applied - Dg
Evaluation tag on people waffling.
Husband & wives were brought in
Everytime a stat worsens ...
When a stat does fall - do figure out on why immediately
* * * * * * * *
As for celeb stats Danger needs to be applied

FSO 01459