Condition Danger


Lisa Skonetski

Date:April 14, 1988

Bypass habits or normal routines
- every day spend time on these stats, somehow - someway 9:30 - 10:00
- call the following and work out how to get products w/ them
   ___ Byrd   ___ Rick H   ___ John B   ___ Phil G

- do missing Celeb BIS list

Handle the situation and any danger in it
Get hat write up from CC Int - move on it
Assign self an Danger condit - done

Get in your own personal ethics
Put attention on getting the products by getting in comm w/ all new
public - find out if they are celebs
Knock off just "seeing what happens on statistics

Reorganize your life so that the dangerous sit is not continually
happening to you
Get in a line with CC Int
Invest time on getting the celeb products

Adopt firm policy
do the things you have to do to get products on this line

FSO 01461